Service and Counseling offers at Leuphana

You have questions about enrollment; want to know tomorrow’s menu in the canteen, or are looking for a book for the next seminar? On the Leuphana campus, as well as at various general service and counseling centers and other facilities where you will find help with this and several other questions and needs related to studying. We have compiled a list of the places you can turn to for help on this page.

General Counseling

  • Counseling concerning the CPD studies
  • Information Portal
  • Student Services
  • Ombudsperson
  • The German National Association for Student Affairs (Studentenwerk) of Eastern Lower Saxony

Help and advice on how to structure your studies

  • Studying with a disability / accessibility
  • Studying with a child / work-life balance
  • Financing your studies
  • Stay abroad / International Office

Offers in the field of Media and Information

  • Library
  • Computing and Media Center

Offers for study and leisure

  • Learn languages at the International Center
  • Training and relaxing at University Sports
  • Involvement in the Students’ Union
  • Involvement in Students’ initiatives

Offers for career matters

  • Coaching services for CPD Students
  • Careers Service
  • Starting up a business
  • Mentoring

Eating and shopping on Campus

  • Canteen
  • eateria
  • Cafés
  • Shopping Street
  • Copying and Printing

General Counseling

Counseling concerning the CPD studies

For subject-related and organisation-based questions surrounding your course, contact persons from the courses themselves are at your disposal. You will find them here.

Information Portal

The information Portal (Infoportal) is the first point of call for questions and information. There, you will receive support in your search for the right person to address regarding your issues. The Infoportal is situated on the ground floor of Building 8.

Opening times as well as Infoportal contacts are found here.

Student Services

For questions regarding administrative issues, such as enrolment, semester ticket or leave, you can turn to Student Services. The administration of examinations is also organized by Student Services. It is the place to go to for examination matters, for getting grades credited, for the processing of applications and appeals or issuing Degree Certificates for your completed courses.

Student Services' employees work on the Scharnhorststrasse Campus in Building 8.


You can turn to the Ombudsperson for students with your ideas, schemes and problems. The Ombudsperson will then act as mediator instance between various interest groups of the university, for example the Governing Board and Administration of the University.

The German National Association for Student Affairs (Studentenwerk) of Eastern Lower Saxony

The German National Association for Student Affairs (Studentenwerk) not only operate the canteens, but also provides counseling all around the studies. There, for example, you can use the offers social counseling, legal counsel, or psychological counseling. Furthermore, you can turn to the Studentenwerk if you need certified copies.

The Studentenwerk’s offers on the Lüneburg site, as well as the relevant contact persons and opening times are found here.

Help and advice on how to structure your studies

Studying with a disability / accessibility

The Leuphana Campuses are low-barrier accessible: Almost all buildings are wheelchair accessible, equipped with ramps, automatic door openers and elevators. In addition, the campus has reserved spaces for wheelchair users and drivers and disabled WC. For all questions about accessibility or studying with handicaps or impediments please contact the Representative for Students with disabilities.

Studying with a child / work-life balance

The support of the Family Service of the Women and Gender Equality Bureau at Leuphana has made it its central concern to support the work-life balance of study and family and wants to contribute to a balance between academic / professional and private life. Besides counseling opportunities, offers on the finalization of a family-friendly university are continually being developed.

Financing your studies

Funding CPD studies involves special features compared to financing other programmes. Therefore, the Professional School has set up its own counseling center to that effect. The contact person and additional information on these matters can be found here.

Stay abroad / International Office

If you are interested in studying, teaching and researching abroad, or are looking for international students support services, you will find help at the International Office. The International Office is situated in building 4 on the Scharnhorststrasse Campus.

An overview of these services, contact persons and opening times is provided by the website of the International Office.

Offers in the field of Media and Information


In the library you will find, among others, academic literature in electronic and printed form, working desks for reading, writing and researching and public computer workstations. The offer of the library also includes various training courses. The Central Library is located on the main campus at the end of the lecture hall foyer; a part of the library is also situated on the Rotes Feld Campus.

The Library as Service Center is incorporated in its parent, Leuphana’s Media and Information Center (MIZ).

Computing and Media Center

The computing and media center (RMZ) is in charge of computer technology and data networks, the Internet and the central server. In addition, there are RMZ public computer workstations, which you can use. There, you can also attend their courses, borrow media devices, use the wireless networks and print your documents.

You will find the computing and media center in Building 7 on campus. The Facility Computing and Media Centre is part of the parent media and information center of the Leuphana (MIZ).


Offers for study and leisure

Learn languages at the International Center

For language enthusiasts, the "Language and Culture" section of the International Centre offers a wide range of activities. In addition to language courses, you also have the opportunity to improve your foreign language skills in the self-study centre or in language tandems.

You can find an overview of the offers on the website of the International Centre.

Training and relaxing at University Sports

“University Sports” is situated directly on the campus. There, Leuphana Students have the opportunity to use the fitness area with sauna and the various sports course programme under favorable conditions. You can also take advantage of spa treatments, such as massages or kinesiotape applications.

Involvement in the Students’ Union

The General Students Committee (German equivalent of the Students’ Union, abbreviated AStA) supports the students not only by providing advisory services on legal issues or concerns, such as students with children, but also offers opportunities to become involved beyond studying, for example, in one of the many caucuses.

Involvement in Students’ initiatives

If you wish to become involved next to your Continuing Professional Development studies, you can be active in one of the many different initiatives, groups and organizations. You can find an overview of possible activities here.

Offers for career matters

Coaching services for CPD Students

The Professional School offers the opportunity to reflect and define your study and career planning, work together with the coaches on personal strengths or optimise your time, self-management and solve conflict matters. For Bachelor’s and Master’s students of the Professional School, the use of one coaching cession is free of charge and constitutes an integral part of the studies. More information can be found here.


Careers Service

For questions concerning the career and vocational orientation or to network with the labor market, you will find support at the Career Service. On career events you can get in touch with businesses or receive counseling in sessions and workshops and make yourself fit for the job application process.

Starting up a business

If you intend to become self-employed after your CPD studies, then you can use the services of the Leuphana start-up service. There, people interested in setting up their own business will receive support information on training opportunities or incentives for your projects in individual counseling session. You can find out more detail what the Start-up service has on offer.


The Leuphana Mentoring Programme offers opportunities for professional orientation, further education and networking, for example, mentoring tandems.

Eating and shopping on Campus


On the Scharnhorststrasse Campus, there is a cafeteria-type canteen, where you can eat. It is run by the Student’s Union of North-East Lower Saxony. As a student, you benefit from a price advantages when buying food at the canteen. Payments at the canteen cash desk can be made using the Leuphana Card, which you can charge and recharge for convenient cashless payments.

You will find current information, as well as the canteen menus here.


Since 2019, the eateria in the central building offers meals, snacks and of course coffee.


The Campus houses the cafés “Plan B” and “Valinta”. These offer coffee, drinks and snacks.

Shopping Street

On campus, there is a shopping street parallel to the lecture hall foyer. There, you will find, amongst others, a copy shop and the branches of the Savings Bank (Sparkasse) and of the “Techniker Krankenkasse” health insurance scheme. On the northern side of the Campus, there is a further shopping area, which does not belong to the campus. There, you will find a bakery, a supermarket and a newsagent.

Copying and Printing

You can print in the computing and media center. There, powerful printers are available for the computers available to the public which you can use with your Leuphana Card.

In the CopyShop CampusCopy, situated in the row of shops on campus, you can print and copy. There, you can also have larger projects, such as Final Theses, printed out and bound. The shop also sells stationery and office products.