Governance & Human Rights: Instructors

From Practitioners for Practitioners

The faculty of the programme are renowned and experienced (inter)national scholars, practitioners and experienced project coaches in the fields of governance and human rights.

Programme Director

  • Prof. Dr. Till Patrik Holterhus MLE. LL.M. (Yale)

Leuphana Faculty

  • Dr. Elena Kropacheva

Dr. Elena Kropacheva is a member of the Graduate School at the Leuphana University Lüneburg. Until the end of 2019 she was a researcher at the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg. She wrote extensively about Russian foreign and security policy, politics in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Affiliated Faculty

Heike Alefsen

Heike Alefsen is Senior Human Rights Adviser to the United Nations Development Group Asia-Pacific in Bangkok where she works with regional UN offices and 24 Resident Coordinators and UN Country Teams on the application of human rights policies and principles.

Dr. Andrea Berg

Dr. Andrea Berg is a systems thinker with a focus on systemic organizational development. She holds a PhD in Political Science. She has been working in leadership positions with global human rights organizations and has a sound knowledge of civil society developments.

Dr. Diana Betzler

Dr. Diana Betzler is an experienced researcher, project manager and lecturer. She has held adjunct teaching positions at the universities of Tübingen, Konstanz and Lüneburg, as well as at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and Zurich University of the Arts.

Dr. Hasnain Bokhari

Dr. Hasnain Bokhari works at the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy at the University of Erfurt. His research focuses on digitalisation in public administration, digital inclusion and internet politics. He has also served as a consultant for projects funded by KfW, Friedrich Ebert Foundation and Hanns Seidel Foundation. 

Dr. Ole Frahm

Dr. Ole Frahm is a political scientist based in Berlin and Istanbul, working internationally as teacher, researcher as well as consultant with think tanks in Germany and Turkey. His expertise focuses on statebuilding, populist foreign policy, democratization and hybrid regimes, peacebuilding and reconciliation, political communication and international relations theory.

Céline da Graça Pires

Céline da Graça Pires is a Business and Human Rights specialist and senior advisor at Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), a global non-profit organization that supports the world’s leading companies to implement the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. She is also a research associate at the NOVA Centre on Business, Human Rights, and the Environment (BHRE) in Lisbon.

Dr. Irem Güney-Frahm

Dr. Irem Güney-Frahm conducts research at Harriet-Taylor-Mill Institute, focusing on globalization’s effects in developing countries. She has taught courses at the Humboldt University, Berlin School of Economics and Law, University of St Gallen and ETH Zürich.

Prof. Florian (Fabian) Hoffmann

Prof. Florian Hoffmann is a Professor of Law at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His worked has focused on law, human rights and development. He has been a consultant with various national and international organizations (e.g. OHCHR; World Bank).

Prof. Julian Reid

Prof. Julian Reid is Professor and Chair of International Relations at the University of Lapland (Finland). He taught previously at King’s College London, SOAS, University of London, and Sussex University (the UK). He has published extensively on global governance and resilience.

Dr. Jack Williams

Dr. Jack Williams holds a PhD in Political Philosophy. He is the President of Institute for Global Negotiation hosted by the University of Zurich and a Consultant for the United Nations Institute for Training and Research. Since September 2021 he is also Adjunct Professor at the American University of Kurdistan, Duhok, Iraq.

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Programme Director

  • Prof. Dr. Till Patrik Holterhus MLE. LL.M. (Yale)