E-Learning within the context of CPD studies

All CPD courses of studies at the Professional School use the e-learning platform. This enables you permanent access to all current information and learning material surrounding your CPD studies outside of the attendance periods, as well as flexible self-learning time. Furthermore, this learning platform offers possibilities to contact persons, such as teaching staff, the e-learning team and persons in charge of the course.

Professional School learning platform

The learning platform offers support not only with the organisation of your CPD studies, but also where concrete teaching and learning processes of individual taught components are concerned. The type and intensity of the use of the learning platform differ from course to course, as they are adapted to the profile of the relevant Faculty.

Therefore, some courses make greater use of service-oriented elements. These include, for example, the schedule management or the provision of documents for the preparation and revision of courses. The learning platform is also used as main contact tool to communicate with persons of the staff as well as fellow students. In other study programmes, the use of the platform goes beyond these service elements: There, the platform serves to implement blended learning concepts.

The relevant degree programme coordinator will be happy to explain the nature and scope of the e-learning offer in your CPD degree programme. For general queries, our e-learning team is at your disposal.

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