Professional Masters in Social Management

Social Management - Social Work - Social Education

The programme is offered in the German language and is thus directed at prospective students with a good command of German. The programme’s German-language web pages provide detailed information needed on the content of the course and application procedures.

The professional Masters in Social Management provides you with practical and up-to-date qualification for leadership and management tasks in social work, social education and social economics. The requirements with which the fields of social work and social economics are faced are in a state of constant change. These requirements are subject to social transformations and structural changes in the economy. The requirements for executives in social management are growing accordingly. The Master’s in Social Management strengthens your skills while preparing your for these challenges.

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Professional Masters programme Social Management

At a glance

Degree: Master of Social Management (MSM)
Credit Points: 90
Length of Study: 5 terms extra-occupational
Language: German
Study Places: 20
Start Date: April
Application Deadline: January 31st
Costs: 9.740 Euro in total (subject to formal amending decisions) plus the current term contribution of 210 Euro per term, instalment payments possible
Programme Director: Prof. Dr. Kerstin Brockelmann

Content: Qualify to work in a variety of areas in social work and social economics

Students pursuing the extra-occupational Master’s in Social Management can expect a broad and fully developed (since 1992) curriculum that will provide them with the ideal forms of preparation for all of the challenges that a supervisory function in the broad fields of social services involves. Here you can refer back to your career experience at many stages of the curriculum as you incorporate this into your course of study.

Programme graduates systematically expand their field and professional skills

  • They can apply modern management methods to the fields of social work social economy and social services
  • They have the ability to direct social services institutions with a high level of efficiency and human-resources-management skill
  • They can develop market-tailored, competitive concepts and service offerings
  • They are in a position to make efficient use of their personal resources and practise a healthy work-life balance
  • They have reflected upon and solidified their personal strengths within the scope of coaching concepts

Admission requirements and application

For whom is this programme well-suited?

The Masters in Social Management is designed for social workers, social educators and experts and executives in the social economy who seek to broaden their career spectrum and to develop not only in terms of expertise but at a personal level as well.

Course of study: Study for your Masters degree at the weekends

The programme is designed to permit you to remain employed parallel to your studies, and to earn your degree in just five semesters without any loss of earnings. You will also be assisted by the University and Programme staff between the periods of classroom instruction (approx. 1x each month, Fri., Sat., ½ Sun.).

The MSM (Master’s in Social Management) from Leuphana University of Lüneburg is an internationally recognised university degree and qualifies the recipient for classification in a higher grade of civil service. With the exception of the Master’s Thesis, students can register for all of the modules individually as well; these modules go towards fulfilling the requirements of the MSM in Social Management. The course of studies has been accredited by the international accreditation agency FIBAA.

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This programme received external accreditation by the FIBAA.

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