Professional Master in
Sustainable Chemistry (M.Sc.)

Chemistry - Sustainability - Sustainable Development

Launching in March 2020, the professional Masters programme M.Sc. Sustainable Chemistry provides expert interdisciplinary training in sustainable chemistry. Our unique curriculum teaches – from the molecular level to global product flows, sustainability assessment and alternative business models for chemical products – how to understand and apply chemistry in the context of sustainability.

Chemistry is the key enabling science for the products we use in our everyday life. Every sector of our society, from agriculture, healthcare, mobility, energy to the digital sector has been and is being shaped by chemical innovations. While substantially contributing to our health and wellbeing, chemistry plays an important role in facing today’s challenges of resource depletion, climate change and pollution as well as for securing a sustainable development of our societies.

Master Sustainable Chemistry: Statements

Vania Zuin

The Master's Programme (M.Sc.) in Sustainable Chemistry offered by Leuphana University is a vanguard initiative that will provide those attending the course with a unique opportunity to learn about green technologies and beyond for a challenging world. The course presents the most topical and cutting-edge themes, methods and case studies aligned to the UN´s Sustainable Development Goals, as well as a cross-sectorial and border view, enabling professionals to obtain a critical and robust background on sustainable chemistry to tackle emerging problems and solutions in a broader interdisciplinary way. I strongly recommend the M.Sc. in Sustainable Chemistry Programme to those who would like to play an important role in the field, globally speaking.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Vânia Zuin, UFSCar, Brazil and UoY, UK

I welcome this new course on Sustainable Chemistry. An understanding of sustainability and its vital role in the future chemical industry is essential to the training of the modern chemist.

Prof. Dr. James Clark, University of York, Programme Lecturer

The chemical industry stands out as a gatekeeper on the pathway towards a 1.5C world. It takes a generation of dedicated, interdisciplinary trained chemists to make that change happen. So congrats, Leuphana: With your Masters programme Sustainable Chemistry you really nailed it!

Stefan Haver, Corporate Responsibility, Evonik Industries AG


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