Certificate course International Contract Administration Engineer

English-speaking graduate certificate course for international construction project and contract management

International construction projects expose those who are involved to particular risk & challenges. The contract becomes the prevailing source of the daily management and contract administration. Not surprisingly international standards have grown up over the last decades, including FIDIC standard forms of contract and other English standards.

Consequently, for a successful international project management a profound knowledge of commonly used standard forms of contract as well as of the recognized best practices and the ability to apply such standards and practices is crucial.

Based on proper contract management, the typically greatest challenges during construction projects can be successfully met: the handling of the occurrence of risk and the assessment of the consequences of change. Obviously, those require the use of a range of transdisciplinary skills which the I.C.A.E. programme will provide you with, involving engineering skills, legal skills, procurement skills, management skills negotiation skills and dispute resolution skills.

Certificate course International Contract Administration Engineer at Leuphana Professional School ©Leuphana/Merle Busch
Certificate course International Contract Administration Engineer

Next dates: January 31st, 2025: Application deadline // May 2025: Next study start

At a glance

Degree: Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)
Credit Points: 15 ECTS
Length of study: 1 terms extra-occupational
Language: English
Start date: May each year
Application deadline: January 31st
Costs: 4,900 euros total tuition fees plus approx. 210 euros semester fees per semester; Travel and accommodation costs are not included.
Admission requirements: Undergraduate degree or level 6 degree, at least one year of professional experience and proof of sufficient English skills (B2 level)

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Extensively qualified for the successful management of international construction projects

Your International Contract Administration Engineer certificate programme is divided into three modules, each consisting of 18 units of 90 minutes each. You will receive a practical assignment during your home study period so that you can immediately test the knowledge you have gained. At the end of the course you will be tested in respect of each module.

Upon successful completion of your exams, you will receive your university certificate: the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS). It certifies that you have acquired specialist knowledge at a university master's level and yields the value of a total of 15 credit points. These can be credited to a suitable degree at universities.

In two intensive lecture weeks at university master's level (participation online or on-site in Lüneburg) as well as in five supplementary online lectures, you will acquire the content of more than 50 teaching units of 90 minutes each from three clusters:

  • International Construction and Construction Law,
  • International Contract & Project Management, as well as
  • Negotiation and Dispute Resolution.

Dr. Götz-Sebastian Hök has set up a team of internationally renowned teachers who each combine years of teaching experience, a high level of specialist knowledge and extensive practical experience in order to offer you the best possible range of courses. The programme is backed up and sponsored by Prof. Dr. Ralf Schottke, a renowned German expert in the field of the assessment of delay and disruption in construction projects.

Further information on the study contents

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Dates and Deadlines

The first week of lectures will be held May 8-13, 2023 the second week of lectures will be held August 7-12, 2023 (dates are subject to change).

Here you can find the exact schedule.

Great reasons to choose the International Contract Administration Engineer certificate course

  • Two concentrated weeks of lectures, plus a complementary five interactive online lectures, allow for virtually unrestricted ongoing employment during the continuing education program.
  • Interdisciplinary training combining the full range of skills which are required under internationally funded projects
  • Internationally renowned lecturers: Siobhan Fahey, Husni Madi, Zoltan Zahonyi, Asel Houssan, Henry Stiegelmeier, Karsten Galipp, Max Göbel, Marco Schauer, Ninatubu Lema, Peter Simoneit et al. share with you their knowledge and practical experience gained worldwide in private and public construction and infrastructure projects over the last twenty years.
  • Interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary, strictly application-oriented teaching concept at university master’s level.
  • This graduate certificate course is aimed at providing you not only with cognitive knowledge but is focusing on your ability to apply the knowledge in an international environment

Offers for prospective students

Are you interested in our International Contract Administration Engineer advanced training programme, but are looking for more information? Please feel free to arrange a personal counselling interview or take advantage of one of our other information and counselling services:

Who is the International Contract Administration Engineer for?

The certificate is aimed at everybody who intends to bear responsibility for international construction projects in internationally active companies, governments and multilateral organizations.

Admission requirements are usually a first university degree in a relevant field of knowledge or a relevant degree at level six in the German and European qualifications framework (e. g. some master's degrees or state-certified technicians). In addition, applicants should have at least one year of professional experience.

In addition, proof of appropriate English language skills must be provided. (e.g. 80 points TOEFL internet-based or at least B2 level CAE / CPE).

For details, see the application page.

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Please feel free to contact us via icae@leuphana.de.