Master and Bachelor's Thesis Week

Thesis Boot Camp: 4 - 8 September 2023

Writing the final paper can present students with significant challenges. In addition to time management, the writing process in particular raises many questions: How do I narrow down my topic? How do I conduct targeted research? What is the best way to approach the writing process? And how do I manage my sources? Answers to these fundamental questions will be found in the course of the thesis week.

The upcoming thesis week will be held September 2023, 4th till 8th. We plan the program in a hybrid format.

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What it is about?

Thesis week

Twice a year (spring and fall) the Leuphana Professional School organizes a free thesis week in which everything revolves around planning and writing the thesis. Students from different study programs tackle this task together, with the best possible support from the Professional School team. A framework program structures the thesis week and offers the opportunity to organize the writing according to individual needs. Even after the end of the framework program, work can of course continue in the library on campus or at home.

The program will be held in German. You are cordially invited to attend the German lectures. In addition, we will provide you with the English lectures as videos.

Who can participate?

All students in the Professional School are invited to participate in the MASTER AND BACHELOR´S THESIS WEEK. Regardless of whether you are in the process of finding a topic, setting up the outline or structure, want to create many pages or are in the phase of finishing. Although the program is held in German, all international students are welcome to participate in the MASTER AND BACHELOR´S THESIS WEEK.

Contents and aim of the final thesis week

Students will receive theoretical input from Leuphana Library and Writing Center staff each day during the thesis week. These inputs include important and helpful information, tips and tricks for writing a thesis.

Statements from Participants of past Thesis Weeks

The Bachelor’s and Master’s Thesis Boot Camp offers a good structure and defined time windows to devote to his writing project. Some of the information, for example tips and tricks for literature research, I could have used right from the start of my studies.

- Nora Sonn

I can only confirm the experiences of my fellow students at the Bachelor & Master's Thesis Bootcamp: The graduation week is worthwhile at any time. It helps in finding topics as well as in the further text production.

- Jan Recksiek

The offer of the final thesis week and the contents presented therein are very helpful for me in the course of working on my master thesis topic. In particular, the contents on the topic of literature research and the functioning of search engines were very helpful, as I often had problems in the past with narrowing down my research to the relevant subject areas.
In addition, the morning inputs ensure that you follow a regular daily schedule during the processing week and work on your thesis regularly at the same time. This helps me and probably also other students a lot with the time management.”

- Jan Spremann

Organisational information

Learning platform

Once you have registered for thesis week, you will be added to an online course on the university's learning platform. There, all announcements will take place and you will receive further information about the thesis week. In addition, you will have the opportunity to engage in an intensive exchange with the thesis week team and your fellow students in the forum.

In case of delays, please contact us directly.

Educational leave

If your employer and workplace is located in Germany, you may be entitled to educational leave, it is called „Bildungsurlaub“. The thesis week is registered as a regular educational leave in different federal states of Germany. If you would like to apply for educational leave with your employer for the thesis week, you can indicate this in your online registration. It is advisable to register for the final thesis week as early as possible, as this involves an application procedure for the respective federal states.


Upcoming events

The next thesis week is expected to take place on the following dates:

11th to 15th of March 2024

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