Master Governance and Human Rights: Distance Learning

Bridging the gap between online communication and collaboration

The students of Governance and Human Rights come from different parts of the world and work in different organizations and institutions. The different cultural backgrounds and diverse professional experiences are valuable resources for the learning and teaching in this course. The exchange between the students and the learning process - individually and collaboratively, theoretical and practical - will mainly take place online.


Based on many years of experience in the field of online and distance education, the Leuphana Professional School has developed a distance-learning concept that matches the geographical and temporal context of the programme.

Support structure

Online learning phases require a great amount of autonomy and self-organisation from the students. Students can chose from a variety of learning methods and techniques. They will receive intensive care during the online-phases.

The students will be supported by the distance-learning staff:

  • studies programme coordinator will be the primary contact for all questions that arise during the programme

Technical Infrastructure

The learning platform is the organisational key point, which supports the teaching and the learning process. The technical infrastructure is based on the Moodle platform, which offers many opportunities for communication and cooperation between the students as much as for the presentation and design of additional learning content.

Additionally, teachers and students can use a communications platform (Zoom) for meetings and for conducting Live-Online-Seminars.

The platforms and programmes used are:

  • moodle
  • Zoom
  • VPN client


The Professional School provides the learning content in various online formats:

  • central texts are provided in PDF format via an online reader and can be downloaded
  • lectures by the course’s teaching staff and external experts are provided as e-lectures (cinematographic PowerPoint presentations)
  • the syllabus of each course informs about the online coursework and deadlines
  • a syllabus is created that represents the timing and content of the online coursework
  • students have access to the online literature of the Leuphana university library

The platform

You can access the distance-learning platform here

Contact & Advising


Dr. Annika Weinert-Brieger
Universitätsallee 1
21335 Lüneburg
Fon +49.4131.677-7921

E-mail contact

Please feel free to contact us via

Programme Director

  • Prof. Dr. Till Patrik Holterhus MLE. LL.M. (Yale)