Leuphana is different. This is also reflected in the way it is organised.


At Leuphana, research and teaching are carried out by the faculties, which are the sponsors of inter- and disciplinary science initiatives, research foci and the respective specialist courses at the university.

At Leuphana, on the other hand, the home of study is the schools: the College for Bachelor's students, the Graduate School for Master's and doctoral students, the Professional School for students in executive education and in continuing education programmes.

Other academic institutions complement the content-related activities of the university members with their offerings. These include the Media and Information Centre with library and IT, the Methods Centre, the Language Centre and the Writing Centre as well as the Art Space, the music ensembles (choir, orchestra, chamber choir, big band), the Career Service and the University Sports Centre.

Finally, the university administration provides comprehensive services for the best possible organisational support of researchers, teachers and students.

  • Researchers are supported by the Research Service and the Cooperation Service in the development of third-party funding applications and research projects.
  • Lecturers are supported by the Teaching Service in developing their courses or by the Quality Development and Accreditation Department in developing their degree programmes.
  • Students can contact the Student Service with all questions regarding the administration of their studies and examinations.
  • Professors and staff can find contacts for all personal questions at the Personnel Service, the Professorship Service, Appointment Management or Personnel Development, for all financial questions at the Finance Department, for all room or building-related questions regarding building management and occupational safety, for all legal questions at the Legal Office and the Data Protection Department.
  • Last but not least, the University Communication and Press Office provide support in all communication-related matters.