The focus of a broad understanding of “Entrepreneurship” is the exploration of people, processes, structures and conditions that create something new or bring changes, in particular to make a (responsible) contribution to solutions of business and societal relevance. Entrepreneurship is therefore a key competency to be able to set your own goals and/or to develop ideas on the basis of an analysis of the existing situation and to realise them actively in exchange with others. This can take place with the establishment of a business (including social or sustainable business), but it can also occur within an existing business or through the entrepreneurial definition of a personal career and life planning as an “individual entrepreneur”. Our faculty works to understand and promote this broader vision of entrepreneurship from an interdisciplinary perspective, which also considers intrapreneurship, social and sustainable entrepreneurship, female and cultural entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education. A multi-level approach explores not just the person of the entrepreneur but also the organizational type of a business enterprise and the influence of an enterpreise on macro-developments in business and society.

Coordinator and contact person

  • Prof. Dr. Michael Gielnik