Outside Europe Relevant Forms

On this page you can find all relevant forms and information that you will need as a participant of a Leuphana exchange programme outside of Europe.

In order to avoid any problems or misunderstandings please make sure that you

  • fill out all forms electronically (handwritten completed forms will not be accepted)
  • give correct and complete information
  • obtain the respective signatures on each form
  • make a copy of each document for your files
  • and hand in the  documents up to the due date.


Please clarify academic questions directly with the relevant programme coordinators.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.

Open office hours: Tues and Thurs 10 a.m.-12.30 p.m., C14.105

For questions about the Learning Agreement:
Group consultation on Wednesdays, 9.45 a.m. (approx. 60 min.)
Zoom Meeting ID: 944 0417 8042, ID code: 262235

Forms for Exchange programmes outside the EU

  • Obligatory information events for outgoings in winter semester 2022/23 and summer semester 2023
  • Checklist
  • Nomination and Application at the Host University
  • Notification of study abroad
  • Academic Recognition/Learning Agreement
  • Confirmation of Arrival and Departure
  • Request for extension of stay
  • Study Abroad Report

Forms for Exchange programmes outside the EU

Obligatory information events for outgoings in winter semester 2022/23 and summer semester 2023

Only in German; Presentations in English

1. Bewerbung an der Partneruniversität - Finanzierung  -  Formalitäten  - Organisatorische Fragen
Mi, 19.04.2023, 14.15-15.45 Uhr, Zoom

Presentation: download (pdf)

2. Anerkennungsverfahren – Erstellung des Learning Agreements
Mo, 09.10.2023, 11-12 Uhr, Zoom-Meeting-ID: 944 0417 8042, Kenncode: 262235  (Wiederholung vom 25.04.2023)

Presentation: download (pdf; only in German)

Austausch-Treffen für Outgoings:
Mo, 05.06.2023, 17.30-19 Uhr, AStA Wohnzimmer

Nomination and Application at the Host University

Nomination: The International Center nominates all students with an exchange place at the respective partner universities. As a rule, the host universities contact the nominated students directly or via our office and inform them about the application procedure.

Application: You are responsible for submitting your application to the host university in due time. If possible, we have included information on the application procedure and deadlines at the host universities in the fact sheets at https://leuphana.moveon4.de/publisher/1/deu.

In most cases, the application includes

  1. Application Form for Exchange Students
    The form is often available on the host university's website (online application or download). Many universities also send the forms directly to the nominated students or to our office; in the latter case we will forward the information to you.
    If you need a Letter of Nomination please contact Sandra Schnell.
    If the application form has to be signed by the International Center, please send the completed and signed application form (pdf) to sandra.schnell@leuphana.de. We will return the signed document to you as soon as possible.
    If the host university only accepts applications submitted via our office, please send your complete application package (pdf) within the deadline to sandra.schnell@leuphana.de. We will forward your application package to your host university.
    If you need original signatures from us, because you have to send the application by mail, please mail us the application documents for signature appr. 2 weeks before the deadline. We will mail them back to you as soon as possible.
  2. Transcript of Records
    If you need a current transcript in English:
    At www.leuphana.de/college/studium/pruefungen.html you will find the form "Notenbescheinigungen per E-Mail" under „Informationen und Formulare“. Please send the completed form by mail to the Student Service Office and include a copy of your identity card. In addition, please write an e-mail to the Student Service Office and request the transcript by e-mail.
  3. Learning Agreement
    Some partner universities require a preliminary Learning Agreement with the application documents, often without information on recognition at the home university. Please contact the responsible persons for academic recognition (lists available under „Recognition/Learning Agreement“ on this page) and ask them to check if the courses/modules you wish to attend can be transfered towards your degree at Leuphana University. Then complete the Learning Agreement and have it signed by the responsible persons or fill in their names and add the respective e-mail correspondence. Detailed instructions are already available with the corresponding forms and will be updated again until June. If you need the LA before then and have any questions regarding the document, please contact Stefanie Bahnsen at la.outgoing@leuphana.de.
  4. Proof of Sufficient Language Skills
    If the host university requires a proof of sufficient language skills:
    Most partner universities accept the language certificates issued by the Language Center, including OOPT (Oxford Online Placement Test), which have been part of your application for the exchange place. A copy of the certificate is therefore sufficient in most cases. 2nd round applicants who have not yet taken a language test at the Language Center due to the closure of the university, please contact the following lecturers of the language centre
    - for English: Lynette Kirschner
    - for Spanish: Maria del Carmen Suñén Bernal
    - for French, Italian and Portuguese: Christophe Hohwald

Please send a copy of the application documents to outgoing@leuphana.de. In case of an online application you can alternatively submit a Letter of Acceptance.

Notification of study abroad

You remain enrolled at Leuphana University of Lüneburg while on a study abroad, but will be exempt from paying the student services fees for the period abroad. A notification of a study abroad has to be submitted to the Student Services via the International Center. Students with double majors are requested to submit one notification per major. Please send the carefully completed form to outgoing@leuphana.de.

Academic Recognition/Learning Agreement

You must complete a Learning Agreement in order to ensure the recognition of the credits you plan to acquire during your stay abroad. The Learning Agreement should be created before the start of the stay abroad, but in any case must be submitted to the International Center within five weeks of the start of lectures at the host university at the latest. Changes to the Learning Agreement have to be documented in a Modified Learning Agreement within five weeks of the start of lectures. The Modified Learning Agreement represents, if applicable, the final course selection at the host university as well as its recognition at Leuphana.

The person responsible for recognition confirms the eligibility for recognition by signature or e-mail correspondence. An e-mail confirmation is only valid if a clear assignment of host university courses and Leuphana modules (codes, titles, CP) is evident from the e-mail correspondence itself. In order to check the eligibility for recognition, the responsible persons need meaningful course/module descriptions. Note: You can recognize achievements from the curriculum of your own major, minor and complementary studies or degree program (GS). Courses you don’t wish to recognise are designated as "Additional Credit"/”Zusatzleistung” (no signature required).
Please submit the completed and signed (Modified) Learning Agreement as a pdf with email correspondence (bundled in one pdf) for review and signature to the in the International Center via email: la.outgoing@leuphana.de.

  • Please use only the (Modified) LA form provided by Leuphana International Center.
  • The forms have to be completed electronically.
  • Please follow the instructions for creating the Learning Agreement.
  • We accept all documents as a pdf via email/with digital/electronic signature - no originals need to be submitted.
  • Incomplete forms cannot be processed.

The lists of the persons responsible for recognition are available on the following websites:

Further information regarding course recognition are available can be found here.

Confirmation of Arrival and Departure

Please let the host university sign the form at the beginning of your stay and immediately send it to the International Center via e-mail. Before you leave the host institution get confirmation that you have completed your study abroad and hand in the original form at the International Center, latest until 15 July.

Request for extension of stay

The extension of exchange stay has to be approved by both the host institution and the home institution. If you would like to extend your stay, fill in the form, collect the signature from the responsible person at your host university and send it at least one month before the end of the semester at the host university to the Leuphana International Center for confirmation and signature.

After the approval of the extension:

Study Abroad Report

All outgoing students have to submit an experience report to the International Center after completion of their study abroad. These study abroad reports are an important source of information for both students who are planning a study abroad and Leuphana University for the evaluation of the exchange programmes in order to guarantee and improve quality. All reports that are released for publication are available at the information desk of the International Office.

Submit the experience report thoroughly filled in and signed (in one pdf) within four weeks of the completion of the study abroad, latest by 15 July to: outgoing@leuphana.de.


Sandra Schnell
Study Abroad Administrator

Stefanie Bahnsen
Student Mobility Officer: Learning Agreements