Materials, Links, and Apps

At the SLZ, students have access to diverse materials that support the learning process at different levels of difficulty in the given language.

Individual Learning Peer-Advising

The SLZ tutors are looking forward to helping you in planning and accomplishing your language learning projects as well as selecting materials to meet your individual language learning goal. Contact them via

Book exchange & open bookshelf

At the SLZ, language course books that are no longer in use are available to other students. There is also an open bookshelf with used books in their original language (German, English, Spanish, Italian etc.) to browse. You can take the books home, return them later or exchange them with your own books.


Would you like to see a movie in the language that you are learning but you cannot find it on the internet or have to pay for it?

The SLZ offers a broad collection of movies in original language such as English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and more.

During our opening hours, you can borrow the DVDs for up to two weeks.


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