Student exchange programmes

Student exchange programmes are based on cooperation agreements with partner universities and offer many advantages: Students do not pay tuition fees at the host universities, go through a simplified application procedure, are supported and supervised in close cooperation between the home and host institution and benefit from generally long-standing contacts with the partner university, for example with regard to academic recognition.

Leuphana University Lüneburg offers a range of student exchange programmes in many countries worldwide for both undergraduate and graduate students. Exchange programmes with European partner universities usually take place in the scope of the Erasmus Programme.

All exchange programmes are advertised by the International Center in autumn for the following academic year. Any unallocated places are advertised in March/April.

Students with disabilities or students with special needs, such as single parents, are strongly encouraged to apply. They can receive special support for mobility periods under Erasmus.

Learn more about the Erasmus Programme.

Database exchange programmes

In our database you will find fact sheets for each partner institution, which include information on application requirements, term dates, accommodation, language requirements, etc. Usually, you will also find links to course catalogues and other useful information provided by the partner institutions for incoming exchange students. In our data base, you can also find experience reports of former outgoings (provided that the corresponding declarations of consent have been submitted).

Database on student exchange programmes

The Right Timing

Studying abroad is worthwhile as well as possible during both the Bachelor's and Master's programmes. The Examination Regulations (RPO) for the Leuphana Bachelor define the 5th semester as suitable for a study abroad. For graduate students, the 3rd semester is particularly recommended for study abroad. If you go abroad within these 'mobility windows' and if you plan accordingly, you will likely be able to complete all, or at least the greater part of the work required by the RPO for this semester at the host university.

As an undergraduate student who plans to spend a semester abroad in semester 5, you must apply in semester 3, after you have selected your major and minor and acquired he necessary academic skills for studying abroad. As a graduate student planning to study abroad in semester 3, you must apply for an exchange programme in the first semester.

In  some cases, also semester 6 (Bachelor) or 4 (Master) can be suitable for study abroad, although the Leuphana examination phase in February may overlap with the second semester, often starting already in January or February in many countries. Please seek advice from the programme coordinators prior to application.


For students who participate in an exchange program, the following funding opportunities are available:

  • Exemption from tuition fees at the host university
  • Exemption from the semester fee at Leuphana (upon application)
  • Erasmus study grant for a 1-2 semester study period at a European partner university (Switzerland: grant from Swiss funds)
  • PROMOS-Scholarships offered by the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD for semester stays or a thesis abroad in countries outside of Europe (application via International Office)
  • Scholarships for one-year study periods (application directly to the scholarship provider, e.g. DAAD)
  • Citizens of the European Union, migrants and refugees living in Germany may be eligible for BAföG as financial support during their university studies.

Academic Recognition

Academic achievements performed abroad will be recognised if there are no significant differences from academic achievements to be performed at Leuphana. You can apply for academic recognition before the start of the semester abroad. After acceptance of the exchange place, you will receive detailed information about the recognition process in an information session for exchange students.


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