A university dedicated to freedom and responsibility for the common good

Universität, Hochschule, Daniel Libeskind

Leuphana is a young university that lays emphasis on innovation, rather than tradition. It is continuously aspiring to create a space stimulated by a collective search for knowledge and sustainable solutions.

This is already true of its courses of studies. Leuphana established Germany’s first public college. Its Graduate School merges the academic demands of masters and doctorates, and its own Professional School offers highly regarded further education programmes.

Every course of study is built on a holistic approach. Not subjects, but socially relevant issues occupy the foreground. This means engaging in the different scientific approaches from day one.

Leuphana’s four research initiatives make it possible to incorporate sound specialist knowledge into a more general higher education discourse, and enable the university to carry out research on issues – rather than disciplines. Involving non-university practical experience from the outset is an important part of our academic culture.

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Facts and Figures

Students and staff members

  • Students: 9,000 students, including approx. 14,5% international students (summer 2017)
  • 1,600 new undergraduate students at the College; 700 new students at the graduate school (winter 2016/2017)
  • Professors: 175, including 93 full professors, 32 FH professors, 30 assistant professors, 13 administrative professorships and 7 full-time visiting researchers (as of 31.12.2017)
  • Research assistants: 400
  • Scholarship holders: 130
  • Administrative and technical staff: 460


Degree Programmes

Degree Programmes