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Please note: Only the german version of the Gazette is legally binding. The English version is provided solely for information purposes.

Nr. 78/22 vom 01.09.2022

  • Announcement of the Funding Guideline Qualification Fund (QF) of Leuphana University Lüneburg

Nr. 54/22 vom 13.06.2022

  • Third Amendment of the Subject-Specific Annex No. 6.16 Major International Business Administraion & Entrepreneurship to the Framwork Examination Regulations for the Leuphana Bachelor´s Degree
  • Re-announcement of the Subject-Specific Annex No. 6.16 Major International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship to the Framwork Examination Regulations for the Leuphana Bachelor´s Programm

Nr. 45/22 vom 29.04.2022

  •  Doctoral Regulation for the School of Public Affairs at Leuphana University Lüneburg