Exactly 10 years prior to the opening of the Central Building, Daniel Libeskind, as part-time professor at Leuphana University, invited students to his studio in New York to jointly develop concepts for a liberal-minded campus. In further complementary studies seminars, Daniel Libeskind and his students also discussed the use and sustainability of the new Central Building. This method corresponds to Daniel Libeskind’s theory, that architecture includes a common process of discussing and identifying how it best meets people`s needs. The building also symbolizes the educational ideal of Leuphana University: to promote the creative drive and to root it firmly on a democratic attitude through constant dialogue.  

From the beginning, the Leuphana Central Building has been designed for a high occupancy rate and offers an extraordinary setting for major cultural events, conferences, workshops and corporate events. Rooms of various sizes, separate foyers and in some places variable walls allow for individual usage. Due to the exceptional architecture, each room is an aesthetic revelation, while the upper rooms also provide a spectacular view. 

In order to achieve an ideal occupancy rate even during off-peak hours, Leuphana University founded LVV GmbH by resolution of the Board of Trustees. Their purpose is to professionally market and rent out the building. Research and education certainly have priority in scheduling.