Science in our modern society appears to be a detached sphere. Increasingly complex discourse and university as an organization make science clearly distinguishable from politics, business, and the mass media. Such independence entails liberty and risk. On the one hand, there is the opportunity to gain knowledge irrespective of economical or political considerations; on the other hand, science runs a risk of distant self-reference, blinding out societal concerns.   

Relieving the tension between scientific liberty and openness towards the non-scientific can mean creating a place where the scientific discourse becomes part of the public discourse. The new Central Building combines scientific liberty with an orientation towards the non-scientific.   

In this context, it is also a synonym for the breakup of hierarchical structures in science. Contrary to its title, the Central Building is not situated in the centre of the campus, but at one end. Above that, it is not home to the main facilities of the university. It is in fact a centre of exchange at eye level between students, teachers, researchers and guests.  

The new Central Building is intended to encourage controversy and new perspectives. Its premises integrate people from different scientific disciplines and educational backgrounds. The building is an invitation to interested people nationally and internationally to enrich Leuphana University with their theories and their desire to know.