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The General Students’ Committee (AStA) supports students as a direct source of representation for various issues surrounding their studies at Leuphana University of Lüneburg. Its work focuses on the societal, cultural and university-practice fields, distributed among specialised units and service providers. It works on a voluntary basis. All students are invited to actively shape AStA's work. AStA's premises are situated in Building 9 on Campus. Further information and official documents on and on the Leuphana intranet.


  • AntiRassismus-Referat (AntiRa)
  • Finanz-Referat
  • Kino-Referat
  • Vakuum – das Kulturreferat
  • Öko?-logisch!
  • Personal-Referat
  • Politik-Referat PFUI Leuphana
  • Radio-Referat
  • Theater-Referat
  • Wohnzimmer-Referat
  • AStA-Sprecher*innen
  • QuARG-Referat
  • Autonomes Referat für chronische Erkrankungen, Handycaps und Inklusion, psychische Erkrankungen, Empowerment und Lernbeeinträchtigungen (Archipel)
  • AStA Spokesperson
  • Anti-racism unit (AntiRa)
  • Autonomes Referat für chronische Erkrankungen, Handycaps und Inklusion, psychische Erkrankungen, Empowerment und Lernbeeinträchtigungen (Archipel)
  • Finances Unit
  • Cinema Unit
  • Culture Unit "Vakuum"
  • Eco?-logic!
  • Personnel Unit
  • Political Unit - PFUI Leuphana
  • QuARG Unit
  • Radio Station Unit
  • Culture Events Semester Season Ticket
  • Theatre Unit
  • The Living-Room Unit
  • International Society - Referat
  • International Society
  • StuBe-Referat
  • StuBe Unit


AStA Spokesperson

The four AStA spokespersons are responsible for AStA's management. It comprises 40 employees, 13 officers, their deputies and the units’ members. The spokespersons chair the AStA's sessions where all officers meet in order to pass fundamental resolutions for the panel and the student body. The spokespersons are also in charge of networking with the Students’ Parliament which allocates them tasks; this mainly involves the implementation of the numerous motions from the plenum. The spokespersons represent the university and its students vis-à-vis the university leadership, the press and the worlds of politics. Regular appointments with the university management, representatives of the local and regional world of politics and other stakeholders are timetabled for this purpose. The spokespersons are also primarily responsible for the organisational processes in the administration of the student body, which is staffed by students. The student self-administration is very labour-intensive and the spokespersons coordinate and guide the staff. The spokespersons' duties are very diverse. They divide their tasks according to the spokesperson's profile, which is based on the individual strengths and interests of the person concerned.

For further information AStA Spokespersons //

Anti-racism unit (AntiRa)

The Anti-Racism Unit stands against any and every form of racism and discrimination. The students meet to discuss how to tackle racist and discriminatory structures, which can be partially hidden. In this way, they aim to address different forms of discrimination and establish counter-responses, some of which extend beyond the student context. Recently, the students have been dealing with the discriminatory treatment of refugees by the municipal and district authorities of the Hanseatic City of Lüneburg and by German legislation, but also with "being Black" and the role of the "whites" in Germany, discrimination in the world sports, and against the LGBT community and people with disabilities. To this end, they hold campaigns and events such as information events, film screenings, the CORACI festival, stage plays, concerts, voucher exchanges, demonstrations, exhibitions, donations and more.

Further information AntiRa //

Autonomes Referat für chronische Erkrankungen, Handycaps und Inklusion, psychische Erkrankungen, Empowerment und Lernbeeinträchtigungen (Archipel)


Finances Unit

The Finances Unit administers the budget of the University's student body. The two Accountants, as well as the Finance Officer at the Finance Unit review and reconcile to ledger all payments for all students' initiatives, councils and units, including the Students’ Parliament and the services it provides. The Finances Unit adheres strictly to the AStA’s Financial Regulations, which are in line with the Framework Financial Regulation for public bodies of the State of Lower Saxony.

For further information: Finances Unit //

International Society

The Internationaler Society Unit provides a place where international students can network and support each other during their time abroad in Germany. The goal is to support a free exchange with international students and their friends and to promote a fair and inclusive study and work environment. The unit offers a free, informal and independent platform to collect suggestions directly from students, which are then presented by International Society representatives in AStA meetings and in the student parliament. At the same time, the aim is to promote intercultural exchange and mutual understanding in a multicultural dialogue and respectful learning in informal events, discussions, workshops, fairs, picnics. The unit strives to build an inclusive community of support and solidarity with international students at Leuphana.

For further information: International Society //

Cinema Unit

If you like films and also wish to experience cultivated cinema, you’ve come to the right place! Every tuesday evening, quality entertainment is presented in lecture theatre 1. For a small financial contribution, the Cinema Unit provides the students with good entertainment and delicious sweets. Helping hands are always welcome!

For further information: Cinema Unit //


The AStA Ecology ‘öko?-logisch’ (Eco-logic) Unit is concerned with the planning and implementation of sustainable topics on campus. An auditorium, canteen food, sorting waste, second-hand clothes and lecturers’ notes exchanges are just a few ideas from the great area of sustainability. In addition, educational and awareness-raising events, such as lectures, films and discussions are envisaged, so that all the pillars of sustainability can be taken into account (ecologically, economically and socially). This unit welcomes all topics and ideas which can be implemented on campus. The unit will also be glad to support initiative-led events. To a great extent, sustainability lectures at Leuphana University treat the subject rather theoretically; this unit’s main objective, therefore, is to provide tangible access to sustainability by organising interactive and engaging activities for the students – in a nutshell: putting theory into practice

For further information: Eco?-Logic! //

Personnel Unit

The tasks of the Personnel Unit include the administration of the AStA services personnel, which includes, among other things, drawing up employment agreements and employer’s references, regular contact with the service operations, mediation in the case of conflicts within the team, advertising vacancies, and holding job interviews. Current job vacancies and advertisements posted by students seeking a job are always available here.

For further information: Personnel Unit

Political Unit - PFUI Leuphana

The political unit deals with various topics (fields), all of which aim to encourage political instruction. Its tasks include matters regarding higher education policy, such as general education policy and tuition fees, the university's restructuring, anti-racism and anti-discrimination policies, democratic structures and campus development. The unit’s main duty of is to promote a mutual dialogue between all students and to encourage discussions.

For further information: Political Unit //

QuARG Unit

The AStA QuARG Unit was established in the summer semester of 2015. QuARG stands for *Qu*eer,*A*wareness, Equal*R*ights and *G*ender matters. This Unit deals with everything related to gender and sexuality. These include homo-, bi- and heterosexuality, as well as inter-, trans- and asexuality, as well as feminism, sexism and queerness.

For further information: QuARG! //

Radio Station Unit

‘Katerfrühstück’ (Hangover Breakfast) is the name of the radio station which not only offers students the opportunity to volunteer for a cultural project in a motivated team and to work for the interests of the students at the university, but also provides an exciting and interesting insight into the world of radio as a medium. With entertaining, informative and critical radio broadcasts, ‘Katerfrühstück’ tells the story of life at the university and in Lüneburg. You can gather practical experience and fundamental journalistic knowledge at the same time as your studies. Every two weeks, on Tuesday evenings, the Unit broadcasts live from the Radio ZuSa's studio campus on 95.5 FM. In most cases, there is a current topic to which students are invited and surveys are conducted among the students. The programme also includes news and events that mainly, but not exclusively, relate to life on campus. This broadcast’s further tasks include presenting, selecting music, compiling reports, operating studio technology, and digital sound processing. The regular editorial sessions are used to discuss the next programmes, advertising measures, as well as presence at public events. All students –with or without previous experience– are welcome to make suggestions and participate!

For further information: Radio Station Unit //

StuBe Unit

The StuBe-unit (unit for student employees) represents the interests of student employees, supports questions from tutors, SHK and WHK about student employment, offers information on this topic and is networked with various political groups on and off campus. With the autonomous department StuBe a permanent and institutionally anchored contact point for student employees, their networking, support and organization has been created. The StuBe is in exchange with the staff council and the personnel service of the university as well as with the unions GEW and ver.di and is currently campaigning for the nationwide TVStud campaign.


For further information StuBe-Referat //


Theatre Unit

The Theatre Unit is a group of students from all courses, who enjoy standing on “stages which mean the world” and performing a play together once a year. In addition to active stage play, it is also possible to participate in a variety of working groups, such as press and public relations or set building. We welcome all of those who would like to cultivate their artistic talents, let off some inventive steam, contribute their own ideas or perhaps just want to gain an insight into the work of the unit.

For further information: Theatre Unit //

Culture Unit "Vakuum"

The Vakuum - Kulturreferat of the AStA organizes and presents concerts, readings, poetry slams, art exhibitions, workshops and much more on the campus of the university in order to enrich the cultural life of the students on the one hand and to give interested people the opportunity to get to know practical cultural work with all its facets on the other hand. Vacuum wants to create spaces for culture in which utopias can be lived, and in doing so, with internal awareness structures, emphasizes that all people can feel comfortable.

For further information: Culture Unit //

The Living-Room Unit

The AStA Living Room, also called "AStA-Wohnzimmer", offers all Leuphana Students the possibility to escape from the grind of daily life. In the evening, the living room turns into a students' cultural space. Concerts, readings, cabaret - anything is possible. The living-room angels coordinate these events.

Anyone who wishes to become a living-room angel and broaden their mind will find all the necessary information at the Living-Room Unit //

General Students Committee Counselling and services

The General Students’ Committee maintains independent and non-commercial service facilities which provide an improved infrastructure on all campuses for the University’s students. AStA also provides services, assistance and consulting services for many areas of everyday student life. You can find more detailed information on each and every service at: Counselling and services provided by the General Students’ Committee (AStA).

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Studying Parents Unit (EliStu)

EliStu (acronym formed from the German expression for 'studying parents': Eltern-im-Studium) provides a comprehensive range of services for parents, as well as reliable, cost-effective childcare and a family-friendly infrastructure; it also acts as support and advocacy group vis-à-vis university authorities and as meeting point for studying parents. Reconciling studying while raising a family can be something of a constant tightrope-walk. Juggling both requires an enormous talent for organisation, and often involves concerns for one's own immediate livelihood, as well as substantially reduced leisure time. Studying is often more difficult than it is for fellow students without children. EliStu aims to provide parents with guidance and make their lives easier to manage. For this purpose, the Unit provides advice and information on funding, pregnancy, childbirth and how to manage your studies; it acts as a representation of interests and assistance for dealing with authorities and the university, and can offer student-friendly, cost-effective support at two locations at "Unikinder", the Student Day-care Centre. Furthermore, EliStu ensures the provision of a parent and child-friendly infrastructure at university (breast-feeding and nappy-changing rooms, play areas in the canteen, etc.).

Find out more about counselling on all aspects of childcare and studying with children //