Leuphana Campus Life

One of Leuphana's special features is its lively campus. With its cosy cafés, the spacious campus lawn, beach volleyball courts, table tennis tables, rooms for making music or creating art, the campus facilitates a varied academic and student (community) life.

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The campus as a place of culture and engagement

Leuphana students are involved in a wide range of activities, projects, and initiatives that always welcome new members. Through their involvement, they actively shape the "campus scene" and make the campus a lively place for social interaction, exchange, and experimentation.

For many students, the campus is a place for cultural and leisure activities. Photo exhibitions, film screenings, occasional readings and concerts, as well as the opportunity to take the initiative and create something - campus leisure activities are diverse.

Students not only have the opportunity to take advantage of existing programmes, such as those offered by the cultural office or the AStA cultural department, but they can also become active independently or as part of a student initiative.

The campus as a place of learning and a sustainable living environment

The campus also offers space for quiet and concentration in the library, study rooms, study group rooms and green spaces.

The atmosphere of the campus supports the community spirit at Leuphana University. People meet on the cafeteria lawn for a relaxed barbecue or on the cafeteria terrace for productive working groups or discussions.

Sustainability is not just a concept - it is part of the Leuphana campus philosophy. Solar panels on most buildings, organic cafeterias, traffic-calmed and bike-friendly streets, and green spaces to relax in between seminars and lectures.

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Food and drink

Food and drink within 500 metres of the library: