gender equality and diversity

Leuphana University of Lüneburg aims to create suitable framework conditions for gender-, diversity- and inclusion-oriented and discrimination-critical university cultures and structures.

This page provides a brief overview of gender- and diversity-oriented offers, strategies and concepts at Leuphana.

Concepts and strategies

The University has an equal opportunities mandate (§ 3, para. 3, NHG) and the task of taking into account the needs of students with children or dependents in need of care, as well as students with disabilities or chronic illnesses (§ 3, para. 1, sentence 7 and para. 3 NHG). Equality and diversity work at Leuphana University of Lüneburg is based on the University Development Plan (2016-2025), an Equality Future Concept (adopted in Leuphana's bodies: Senate Commission for Equality; Faculty Councils, Senate and Presidential Board), the position papers on equality and diversity in the faculties (adopted in the Faculty Councils), the voluntary commitment to the research-oriented equality standards of the DFG, and the Code of Conduct "Diversity as an Opportunity" (adopted in the Leuphana bodies: Senate Commission for Equality; Faculty Councils, Senate and Presidential Board) and a diversity concept (adopted in the Presidential Board).

Information on the implementation of the concepts, available resources and awareness-raising events to date can be found in the reports of the Equal Opportunities Officer.

The implementation of the strategic concept of Integrative Gendering and Diversity promotes the integration of gender and diversity aspects at all levels and in all areas of the university. The application of the concept affects steering and decision-making processes at Leuphana and contributes to diversity, inclusion and anti-discrimination.

Data monitoring

Gender-disaggregated data on staff and students is collected and monitored. A detailed analysis of gender relations is provided by the current gender equality concept and, in addition, the position papers of the faculties. The "gender ratios by qualification" are published in the form of a cascade on the "Figures and Data" page and updated annually. This website also contains a collection of diversity and discrimination-relevant data for the university, which is collected in different contexts and so far irregularly.

Promotion of compatibility and family-friendly organisational culture

The Family Service offers advice and coordinates family-friendly measures that serve to promote the compatibility of childcare or care for relatives with studies or work, as well as family-friendly study and working conditions.

Leuphana University of Lüneburg is an active member of the association "Familie in der Hochschule e.V." and was in 2022 again certified with the FamiSiegel as a family-friendly company in northeastern Lower Saxony.

Academic Qualification Pathways - Shaping Transitions

Gender equality and anti-discrimination in personnel selection procedures and personnel development

Information and support on sexualised discrimination and violence

Leuphana University of Lüneburg takes its responsibility for prevention and for the protection and support of those affected seriously. The portal on sexualised discrimination and violence is aimed at those affected and supporters, and shows ways to intervene in the event of experienced or observed sexual harassment and to create a discrimination-sensitive structure.

Raising awareness through information, training and action days

One focus of the equality and diversity work is on counselling and promoting awareness-raising with regard to discrimination and previously unconscious prejudices. Events and training courses that help to raise awareness among university members and institutions can be found on the pages of the Equal Opportunities Office and Internal Continuing Education. Numerous handouts and information collections, which you can find under "Offers and information", can support an appreciative interaction. The portal "Studying and Impairment" is aimed at (prospective) Leuphana students with disabilities or chronic illnesses and supports them in finding their way around the university and informing them about their rights.

The Equal Opportunities Office recommends the use of gender-equitable language in the so-called asterisk form or the use of neutral wording. The working aid for gender-equitable writing and speaking at the university as well as the website "Gender-inclusive language" offer helpful tips for everyday implementation.

Leuphana also participates annually in Diversity Day and the Lüneburg Weeks against Racism.