Leuphana Graduate School: The place for academic qualification

Masters, Doctorate and Postdoc

Never has it been more important to understand how science works and arrives at findings – regardless of whether you choose a career in research, business, politics or society. At Leuphana Graduate School you will become an expert in your discipline and combine this expertise with interdisciplinary skills, which will prepare you for the challenges of the 21st century. Gain qualifications at Leuphana Graduate School in a master's programme, delve deeper into your research interests in a possible doctorate or shape your academic career as a PostDoc. Welcome to our Graduate Community!

The Masters: Prepared for the future

If you complete your master's degree with us at Leuphana Graduate School, you will...

... deepen and broaden your subject expertise - you can choose from a variety of study programmes in six thematic clusters.

... set individual focal points - via subject modules of other study programmes (electives) or the Doctoral Track.

... think outside the box - in transdisciplinary research and practical projects, in the Complementary Studies or in our management studies.

... get to know other universities and study cultures - in double or joint degrees or through one of our exchange programmes.

... study analogue on-site with an interactive campus atmosphere and digitally worldwide, e.g. in Global Classrooms.

Discover the benefits that a master's programme at Leuphana Graduate School has in store for you!

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The doctoral programme: qualifying in science

When you do your doctorate with us at Leuphana Graduate School, ...

... you will be supervised by professors who are absolute experts in their field.

... you will exchange ideas in regular specialist colloquia in doctoral research groups.

... we promote participation in (inter)national conferences and research stays so that you become part of the (inter)national research community.

... you can further perfect your knowledge of methods, e.g. in the doctoral programme or at the Leuphana Centre for Methods.

... you can discuss the Philosophy of Science and Scientific Ethics with doctoral students from other disciplines.

... we promote your scientific and non-scientific career ambitions through a variety of competence development and training options, e.g. in the GradSkills.

... we support the public availability and visibility of your publications.

Get an idea of people and topics on the pages of the Leuphana doctoral research groups - we look forward to your ideas and inspirations!

The PostDoc Phase: Being active in Science

If you do research with us at Leuphana Graduate School as a PostDoc, ...

... we and numerous other institutions at Leuphana University support your academic career.

... we promote your early independence as a doctoral researcher.

... we support your participation in (inter)national conferences and research stays, so that you can deepen your contacts in the (inter)national research community.

... we offer you comprehensive and targeted further training opportunities, e.g. through GradSkills and specifically for career paths within and outside academia. In addition to academic personnel development and the research service, the funding programmes of the Office for Equal Opportunities, for example, are important points of contact.


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