Graduate School

Innovative teaching formats with small seminar groups, a strong focus on research and ongoing, critical interaction in interdisciplinary research and practical projects are the core aspects and commitments of Leuphana Graduate School. Close links between the Masters programmes and doctoral research groups enable early access to the scientific community of doctoral candidates and ensure that Masters at Leuphana have a structured and comprehensive research focus.

Study and Research model

Leuphana Graduate School's study and research model is based on the belief that the only way to solve the complex social challenges of the 21 century is to enable our students and doctoral candidates to consider and assess problems from as many perspectives as possible. The Graduate School nurtures this valuable skill in complementary modules on the Masters programmes and in the seminars and workshops of the doctoral programmes. Many Masters programmes also have a strong international focus, providing attractive opportunities for students to broaden their horizons.

The Graduate School is an interdisciplinary University institution and looks forward to continuing to build our vibrant graduate and postgraduate community together with all Masters, doctoral and postdoctoral students.



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