Information, Attachments and Forms

On this page, you will find information relevant to examinations with the associated regulations and subject-specific appendices. This page contains explanations, forms, information sheets, and links, covering everything from the current assessment dates to the grade certification.

The staff of the Examination Office will be happy to inform and advise you on all questions concerning assessments. Please find the contact person for your study program here (german).

Contact Persons

If you have questions about assessment-related or administrative issues that you are unable to clarify on the website, you are welcome to contact the relevant persons in Student Services.
In order to schedule a personal appointment with one of the staff members, please register via the office hours list of your staff member in myStudy.

Regulations & Schedules

General Assessment Regulations and Subject-Specific Schedules can be found here.

Registering for exams

From 16.05.2023 until probably July 2023, the replacement of the QIS system by myCampus will take place. In the course of the replacement, your previous performance data (e.g. grades) will be migrated to the new system. 

From July 2023 onwards, registration for and deregistration from examinations will be carried out for you in myCampus in the "Examination dates" application. You can find detailed instructions here.

All further information and detailed instructions on organizing exams with myCampus from June 2023.

Missed assessments, withdrawal and illness

When you register for assessments via myCampus, you have committed yourself to attend the assessment(s). In the case that you are unable to fulfill your obligation to take an assessment, you must inform Studierendenservice immediately.
If you have not communicated your withdrawal or failure immediately, i.e. "without undue delay", or if your reasons are not approved, the particular assessment is considered as " insufficient"!
The legal basis for these regulations is the respective General Examination Regulations.

In case of illness
If you are unable to attend an assessment or unable to comply with a deadline due to illness, you must submit the original medical certificate to the Student Services immediately after determining that you are ill. The certificate must indicate that you are unable to take the assessment. Please ask your doctor to complete the form provided (a normal "certificate of incapacity for work" is not sufficient).

Assessment deregistration during the changeover to myCampus

You can register for and deregister from exams in QIS up to and including 15.05.2023. From 16.05.2023 until the introduction of myCampus (probably at the end of June 2023) you can only deregister from assessments that take place between 16.05.2023 and 30.06.2023 using the following form:

Form for deregistration of exams for the period from 15.05.2023 to 30.06.2023

The form must be submitted to Student Services. As a precaution, we would like to point out that examiners or other university institutions are not authorised to accept deregistrations from assessments.

Contact persons at the Student Service

You can deregister from assessments that take place after 30.06.2023 after the changeover to myCampus directly there.

Concrete exam dates

Exam planning for summer semester 2024 has been completed. The exam dates have been entered in myStudy with the corresponding rooms.

The exam dates are absolutely binding. You can find the current examination schedule here.

Detailed instructions for myCampus can be found  at anleitungen-mycampus.leuphana.de.

If your performance data stored in myCampus is incorrect, please let us know using this form:

Form for correcting information in myCampus



Grade certificates

For data protection reasons, it is not permitted to communicate grades by e-mail. From a technical perspective, e-mails can be read like postcards. Additionally, it is possible that someone could demand results under a false name. Nevertheless, if you like to receive assessment results or Transcript of Records by e-mail, please send the completed and signed form Transcript of Records by e-mail to the Student Services Info Portal.

Recognition of external assessments

Assessments that were performed at other universities in Germany or abroad are recognised upon fulfilment of the corresponding requirements of the General Examination Regulations.

Important: work to be recognised must not be older than 10 years old.

Recognitions from Germany:
Please submit the application for recognition (german) together with the original copy of the corresponding performance record (e.g. transcript of records) as well as the relevant information on the content of the assessment (e.g. module description) to Student Services.

- Information on Recognition (german)

- Application for Recognition

- Contact persons for questions regarding recognition

Recognitions from abroad:

During the planning and realization of a study stay or an internship abroad, you will be supported by the International Center. Before your period abroad, you conclude a Learning Agreement so that the assessments sat by you abroad are recognised for your degree at Leuphana University without any problems. After your stay abroad, you submit the Learning Agreement together with the transcript of records about the work performed at the host university to Student Services.

Grades will be transferred in the case of comparable grading systems.

For non-comparable linear grading systems, they are converted according to the modified Bavarian formula


               Nmax - Nd
x=1+3 ---------------
              Nmax - Nmin

x = required German grade

Nmax = highest grade of the foreign grading system
Nmin = lowest passing grade of the foreign grading system
Nd = grade to be transformed into the German grading system

The result is rounded to the nearest German grade, e.g.: 1.6 => 1.7 2.4 => 2.3 2.6 => 2.7.
If the result is exactly between two German grades, it is rounded to the better grade, e.g.: 2.5 => 2.3 1.15 => 1.0 3.85 => 3.7

To convert the grades of assessments with other incomparable grade systems that were acquired within student exchange or student mobility programmes by sample students of all degree programmes, please use these links grade conversion table Leuphana Masters (german) and grade conversion table teacher education (german).

In the case of other, non-comparable grading systems, the assessment to be credited will be included ungraded with the remark "passed".

Masters thesis

Generally, the master's thesis is written at the end of the degree programme. All the information about the master's thesis and how to organise your master's thesis in five steps has been compiled for you on the website Master's thesis.

In addition, helpful courses for writing the master's thesis are regularly offered as part of the GradSkills.

Change of Degree from M.A. to M.Sc.

In the Master's programme Management & Entrepreneurship, students of the study programmes Management & Business Development, Management & Human Resources and Management & Marketing can change their degree from Master of Arts (M.A.) to Master of Science (M.Sc.) on request. This change has no effect on their examination regulations and the modules to be taken.

Students in the discontinuing study programme Management & Financial Institutions can also change from the Master of Arts to the Master of Science. However, this entails a change to the new examination regulations of the Management & Finance & Accounting major and thus to a new curriculum. Therefore, some modules must be made up in the further developed major. Application (german)

Application for Change

Please save the 
Application form (german) on your computer and fill it out on your PC. Please hand in the printed and signed application to your responsible person in the Examination Office.