The doctoral courses

As well as producing a thesis, doctoral candidates at Leuphana University of Lüneburg engage in an active exchange with supervisors and fellow doctoral candidates, deepen their knowledge of methodology, reflect on scientific theories, discuss practical and ethical research questions and share their own research with the national and international scientific community.

The German- and English-language courses of Leuphana's doctoral courses support you in the acquisition of these career-relevant competences in six compulsory modules:

Research Forum I
Research Forum II
Engaging with Research Ethics
Discussing Research Methods
Discussing Research Perspectives
Practicing Research for Science and Society

Successful participation in the six modules will earn you a total of 30 credit points. The following are required for successful participation performance in the form of oral (lecture) and written performance (report).
The performances are not graded.

The following module overview is a curricular example or recommendation of how the doctoral programme can be studied (e.g. over 3 years). Doctoral candidates enrolled in the School of Management and Technology should take classes as shown below.

Curriculum of the Doctoral Courses, School of Management & Technology ©Leuphana Graduate School
Overview of the Doctoral Courses in the School of Management and Technology at Leuphana

Recognition of external credits

Under certain conditions, the recognition of equivalent external credits for the doctoral courses is possible.

For example, the seminars offered by the "PhD Network" can be recognised for the doctoral programme.

The PhD Network is a cooperation between German (including Leuphana) and Danish universities and research institutions, as well as the Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik in Croatia.

An overview of the courses offered for doctoral students can be found in the link below.

You can find further information, e.g. the application for recognition of externally achieved achievements, in the section Organising Your Doctorate.