Graduate Community


When you complete your masters or doctoral studies at Leuphana Graduate School, you want this time to be more than just attending seminars, collecting credits and writing your thesis. We want you to experience the most diverse and inspiring encounters possible with other students, doctoral researchers, teachers and researchers, to engage in exchange with each other, to question and re-evaluate things, and thus to broaden your horizons and your personality at least as much as your specialist knowledge.

For this to succeed, we as a graduate school must create spaces and offer areas for interaction. Prominent examples of this are the annual Graduate School Opening Days to kick off the Master's programme together, the Master Complementary Studies, which brings students from different programmes together in joint seminars, or the Doctoral Studies, in which you discuss philosophy and ethics of science with doctoral students from other colleges. But even beyond curricular formats, we offer you direct insights into our graduate community through regular interviews with staff, researchers and students or in the context of public lectures, workshops and conferences.

Become and be part of our graduate community, and feel free to contact us with your ideas and suggestions. The Graduate School team looks forward to hearing from you.

Image_Shooting_August_2019_JMU_302 ©Leuphana Universität/Jannis Muser
We regard Masters and doctoral programmes as interlocking and mutually enriching phases of study and research. Therefore, it is our goal to bring Masters and doctoral students together in different formats.