Doctoral Track

Early entry into the doctorate's world

With the Doctoral Track, the Leuphana Graduate School is pursuing a unique path of scientific qualification in the breadth of the disciplines involved. Bachelor's and Master's students with a particular affinity for research enter the scientific community of our doctoral programs at an early stage through the Doctoral Track program and thus have the unique opportunity to interlock the Master's and doctoral periods and to acquire the Master's degree en-route with the doctorate in mind.

The decision for the Doctoral Track makes sense when first concrete ideas for a possible research or doctoral topic are available, e.g. based on a Bachelor thesis or a seminar topic in the first Master semesters.
Doctoral track students benefit concretely from:

  • early admission to the doctorate (subject to later acquisition of the master's degree)
  • integration into the academic discourse community of the doctoral program fellow doctoral students and supervisors
  • access to the seminar offerings of the Leuphana doctoral courses. The acquired CPs are creditable towards the three modules of the Master Complementary Studies.
  • access to the career-enhancing workshops of GradSkills for doctoral candidates
  • the opportunity to receive grants for conference attendance through the Graduate School's Qualification Fund
  • the Graduate School's Doctoral Track support program, which includes both informational and reflective formats with the peer group

The entry into the Doctoral Track

Three points of entry into the Doctoral Track are possible:

1) The parallel application to Master and Doctoral after the Bachelor's degree.
2) The application in the early phase of the Master's program
3) The application in the final phase of the Master's program for the transition to the doctoral program.

Doctoral topics

Currently offered doctoral topics by supervisors of the five faculties can be found on this page. Here you can also find out how to contact potential supervisors for your project.

Doctoral researches while studying your Masters programme

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Admission requirements

  •  A "very good" bachelors degree (or equivalent). In this case, "very good" means a final result of at least 1.7 or proof that you were among the top 10% graduates in your final year of study.
  • Bachelor thesis with a grade of 1.3 or better.
  • An outline of a potential research project and
  • Admission to a Masters programme at the Leuphana Graduate School and at least registration in the first semester.


Counselling and Coaching

Dr. Nadine Dablé
Building 14, Room 126
Universitätsallee 1
21335 Lüneburg

Coordination / Administration

Dr. Sandra Wienand
building 14, room 130
Universitätsallee 1
21335 Lüneburg