Doctoral Research Group Law

Upon admission to the Doctoral Research Group Law, our doctoral candidates become part of the scientific community and from the beginning are included in scientific discourse in their respective areas of research. The Group aims to provide doctoral students in the field of law with joint training and supervision.

These highly interdisciplinary and internationally oriented research activities focus on socially and politically relevant subjects, especially the regulation of society and economics under the conditions of globalization. Alongside interdisciplinary approaches to research, the research profile embraces individual research, legal dogmatics, commentary and treatise as well as established and tried-and-tested elements of legal research.

Each semester, the Doctoral Research Group offers discipline and method-specific courses and colloquia as part of the doctoral programme that go beyond the cross-departmental or interdisciplinary modules Scientific Practices/Ethics and Theory of Science. In these courses, doctoral students gain a deeper insight into specific subjects and methods, report on the progress of their work and critically discuss their research work and results with professors and other doctoral candidates from the same field of study.

Areas of Research

Doctoral Degree

The respective faculty confers the doctoral degree Dr. iur.


  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Schall, M.Jur. (Oxon.)

Doctoral Supervisors

  • Prof. Dr. Jelena Bäumler
  • Prof. Dr. Lars Berster
  • Prof. Dr. Johanna Croon-Gestefeld, LL.M. (EUI)
  • Prof. Dr. Jens Gerlach, Mag. rer. publ.
  • Prof. Dr. Axel Halfmeier, LL.M. (Michigan)
  • Prof. Dr. Till Patrik Holterhus MLE. LL.M. (Yale)
  • Prof. Dr. Suzan Denise Hüttemann, M.Res.
  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Schall, M.Jur. (Oxon.)
  • Prof. Dr. Valentin Schatz
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Schomerus
  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Stark, M.A.
  • Prof. Dr. Christian J. Tams, LL.M. (Cambridge)
  • Prof. Dr. Jörg Philipp Terhechte


Doctoral Topics, positions and scholarships


Doctoral Courses

As a doctoral candidate at Leuphana, you not only write your dissertation, but also participate in the interdisciplinary doctoral courses to the extent of 30 credit points, which include (inter)disciplinary colloquia (Research Forum I and Research Forum II) and furthermore comprises four interdisciplinary modules on research ethics, research methods, scientific practice and current perspectives on science. Please find more information about Leuphana's doctoral courses here.


As a doctoral student at Leuphana, you must enrol as a doctoral student. Information about admission to the doctorate at Leuphana and the application procedure can be found here.

Leuphana Graduate School offers advice and coaching to academics in the qualification phase. The Graduate School's advisor will be happy to support you in questions of decision-making, challenges in the course of your doctorate, and career planning and development. You can find more information about the counselling and coaching services here.