Center for Methods

The Center for Methods is an inter-departmental facility at Leuphana University, which focus is on disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary teaching, research and handling of methodological issues. The objective of the Center is to provide support for students at all levels (Bachelor, Master, PhD, and beyond) with respect to education and training in methods.

Students can achieve expertise at the Center for Methods which deepens and adds to the methods that are being taught during Leuphana's study programs. The Center for Methods' manifold supply enables students of all programs and stages to strengthen their individual profile by gaining methodological qualifications. Seminars, trainings and workshops impart methods and support you in adapting your own applications in the course of your thesis, as well as research papers. Our support and backup is granted during your entire studies at the Leuphana University Lüneburg, whether it is a practical seminar during Leuphana Semester or a dissertation. It is our objective to have you gain profound methodological knowledge in addition to becoming secure in its application.

The Center for Methods cooperates closely with the Leuphana University's faculties and schools. We contribute by means of Complementary Studies within the Leuphana Bachelor program and in subject-specific studies of Leuphana's Master programs. 

For improving the quality of methodological teaching and research, the Center for Methods' team relies on workshops on a regular basis along with cooperation in research with colleagues of the other faculties. 

A wide range of research types, topics and disciplines opens up a scientific space in which significant methodological questions by means of inter- and transdisciplinary, as well as unbounded research are being tackled alongside with their evolvement. Yet, methodological research happens within our team members' scientific horizon, too. 

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Newsletter (German)

Here you can find the current Newsletter (available in German only). 

For Students

Interested in learning a new research method? Looking for advice on the application of a particular method within the scope of your thesis work? At the Center for Methods, you have come to the right place. Here you can find the consulting services.

For Teachers and Researchers

The provision of excellent methodological training is our common goal. To this end, the team at the Center for Methods offers complementary and detailed assistance for the major and minor degree programmes. Truly diverse, this assistance covers a wide range of quantitative, qualitative, and inter- and transdisciplinary methods.

For Interested Visitors

At Leuphana’s Center for Methods, issues of interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary and “undisciplined” methodology and research take center stage. How do we do this?

EvaSys Declaration of Use

Here you can find the EvaSys Declaration of Use (available in German only). Please, send the completed form via mail to Melanie Gohr-Mellersh.

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