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The center of methods is a place where the diversity of scientific methods is explored, it interactions are evolved, and new approaches are being developed. We take a critical look at methods, yet are also aware that most researchers just use methods as a staple towards creating new knowledge. Sharing a critical perspective with the demand to create solutions is one of the key challenges of the 21st century, because academic knowledge is increasingly being questioned, and the role of Science within society is shifting rapidly.

The center of methods thus helps students and researchers at Leuphana how to deal with this shifting landscape. While there is a whole world and much experience at Leuphana regarding scientific methods, the center of methods is defines itself by its pronounced, diverse and critical focus on methods.

In addition to individual consulting services, the Center of Methods makes various contributions to research-based learning through the involvement of students in research projects and the implementation of projects based on student teams - for example, in the context of systematic reviews. Actively integrating students into the research process at this early stage of their academic career complements the existing course offerings with hands-on experience and enables students to embark on an academic career path at an early stage. In addition, the Center of Methods is working on an integrated planning of the teaching of methods as well as a survey of the need for methods in research and teaching. Through a complementary range of courses, central impulses are to be generated in the teaching of methods at Leuphana. The methodological needs are thereby collected on a central platform, the Sustainability Methods Wiki. Both students and researchers are invited to continuously expand the wiki with their own contributions and thus improve methodological education at Leuphana University in the long term.


Normativity of Methods
Prof. Dr. Henrik von Wehrden

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The courses offered by the Center for Methods are aimed at students of all degree programs and training levels as well as doctoral students at Leuphana University of Lüneburg. The courses have different formats in order to meet the diverse needs. In order to make the methods education at Leuphana more transparent and clearer, the Center for Methods summarizes all method-oriented courses of the university in an overview. Curricular lectures and seminars as well as additional offers without CPs, which are offered in the current semester by employees in the Methods Center, are taken into account.

Sustainability Methods Wiki

The aim of the Sustainability Methods Wiki is to introduce and explain various scientific methods, terms and tools relevant to (sustainability) science and to discuss the underlying issues. It is intended to serve as a resource for students, researchers, educators, and all interested readers, and to attempt to bridge the gap between how we approach empirical knowledge and how we should act on that knowledge. By taking an integrative, reflexive, and critical approach to the canon of methods, we hope to help overcome the disciplinary slumber that defines much of postmodern scholarship.


Whether you're putting the finishing touches on your thesis or conducting research, we specialize in offering professional advice for your academic activities. Our staff provides thorough guidance on a variety of methodological issues, including inter- or transdisciplinary approaches, quantitative and qualitative methods, and more. In order to improve your research skills, we can also help you navigate the world of methodological software. In our one-on-one consulting sessions, we equip you with all the essential information and resources you need to succeed in your academic endeavors.

EvaSys Declaration of Use

Evasys is a software for the comprehensive automation of survey processes, from the design phase through through the execution to the evaluation of results. If you would like to apply for a user license, please fill out the declaration of use filled out to Max-Friedemann Kretschmer.

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