Consultation Service

The Center for Methods offers specific consultation for your research and thesis. We offer quantitative, qualitative and inter- and transdisciplinary methods as well as support with software.

For first steps in using software, please pay attention to our additional offers by visiting the Course Catalogue on myStudy and choosing "zusätzliche Angebote ohne CPs".

To ensure an efficient consultation, we ask you to prepare in the best possible way. Therefore, we have compiled Hints for Preparation. In addition, you can gather information about whom to contact for consultation in the table below.


Qualitative Methods

Name/ExpertiseResearch MethodsSoftwareContact/Registration

Dr. Michael Dellwing


Interpretative Methods, Ethnography, Grounded Theory, Online Research, Interview Research




via Mail to:

Benjamin Heidrich


Poststructural Discourse Analysis of Text and Image


via myStudy

Quantitative Methods

Name/ExpertiseResearch MethodsSoftwareContact/Registration

Prof. Dr. Christoph Wegener

Natural and Social Sciences

Statistics: Testing and Estimations

Econometrics: Panel Data and Time Series Models (e.g. Unit Roots, Cointegration, Stochastical Volatility)

Monte Carlo Simulations

Quantitative Risk Modeling

Modeling Yield Curves

Model Averaging


R, Matlab


via myStudy or mail to:


Melanie Gohr-Mellersh

Economics and Social Sciences

Descriptive Statistics, Linear Models, Analysis of Time Series, Multivariate Processes, Questionnaire Creation and Survey EvaluationSPSS, STATA, R, EvaSys, MAXQDAvia myStudy
Prof. Dr. Oliver Hormann

Statistics: Descriptive, Structural Discovery and Testing (Parametric and Nonparametric)

Procedures, in particular:
Linear Regression
Logistic Regression
Panel Analysis
Network Analysis
Cluster Analysis
Coding and Quantification of Videographic Data
Planning of Research Designs

SPSS, STATAvia myStudy or mail to:

Method-based Software (Trainings)


Melanie Gohr-Mellersh

Economics and Social Sciences



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Dalia Farghaly

Sustainability Science



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Huu Tam NguyenR-Workshopsvia myStudy