Information and Forms

On this page you can find all relevant forms and information that you will need in regards to a study abroad as a free mover. Please hand in the respective forms at the International Center or at the Examination Office before, during and after your return from the study abroad.

In order to avoid any problems or misunderstandings please make sure that you

  • fill out all forms electronically (handwritten completed forms will not be accepted)
  • give correct and complete information
  • obtain the respective signatures on each form
  • make a copy of each form for your files
  • hand in the original documents up to the due date.

Forms Free Mover

Notes on general safety precautions

Covid 19 – Current information and advice

Due to the Corona pandemic and the still ongoing dynamic situation, regulations at host countries and/or host universities may be changed and adjusted to new developments at any time. During the study abroad, the rules and regulations of the host universities and host countries must be followed.

In accordance with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) the Leuphana University advises against travel into Corona risk areas and to countries and regions with Corona travel warnings issued by the German Foreign Office. Travel to countries with an existing travel warning is always carried out at the participants' own responsibility.

Since the health and safety of its students is always a top priority for Leuphana University, we would like to urge you once again to observe the following tips and recommendations:

  • Keep yourself regularly informed about the current situation in the host country on the websites of the German Foreign Office and be sure to register on the crisis precaution list.
  • Postponing a stay abroad planned for the winter semester to the summer semester 2022 due to current pandemic developments is possible in most cases - please contact the host university if you are considering this.
  • It may also make sense to start the mobility phase virtually first and to realize the physical mobility at a later point in time - again, the host university will advise you in most cases.

Please contact us before and during the mobility if you have any questions or difficulties.
Eva Vosshagen,
Sandra Schnell,


Notes on overlapping semester times

Academic Recognition / Learning Agreement

In order to ensure the recognition of work performed abroad at Leuphana, we recommend to conclude a Learning Agreement before the start of the study abroad program, but at the latest within five weeks after the start of lectures at the host university. Changes to the Learning Agreement have to be documented in a Modified Learning Agreement, also within five weeks of the start of lectures at the host university. The Modified Learning Agreement represents, if applicable, the final course selection at the host university as well as its recognition at Leuphana.

The person responsible for recognition confirms the eligibility for recognition by signature or email correspondence. An email confirmation is only valid if a clear assignment of host university courses and Leuphana modules (codes, titles, CP) is evident from the email correspondence itself. In order to check the eligibility for recognition, the responsible persons need meaningful course/module descriptions. Note: You can recognize achievements from the curriculum of your own major, minor and complementary studies or degree program (GS). Courses you don’t wish to recognise are designated as "Additional Credit"/”Zusatzleistung” (no signature required).
Please submit the completed and signed (Modified) Learning Agreement as a pdf with email correspondence (bundled in one pdf) for review and signature to the in the International Center via email:

  • The forms have to be completed electronically.
  • Please follow the instructions for creating the Learning Agreement.
  • We accept all documents as a pdf via email/with digital/electronic signature - no originals need to be submitted.
  • Incomplete forms cannot be processed.

The lists of the persons responsible for recognition are available on the following websites:

Further information regarding course recognition are available can be found here.

Notification of semester abroad / Application for a semester leave of absence

You should announce your intention of studying abroad latest by the end of the re-registration period for the following semester. Whether you submit a notification of a semester abroad or apply for a leave of absence depends on different factors. You can find relevant information in the following documents. Generally a notification of a semester abroad is recommended. Students with double majors are requested to submit one notification per major. Please send the carefully completed form to

The Application for a leave of absence is to be found at the webpages of the schools.

Transcript of Records

Foreign universities usually require a Transcript of Records (proof of your completed examinations) in English language. The Student Service will issue these on request.

Accommodation Service

The Leuphana Accommodation Service arranges contact between private landlords or students of Leuphana University and incoming exchange students.

If you would like to rent out your furnished room in Lüneburg for a semester or two please send an email to

Tanja Schaefer
Zimmervermittlung / Accommodation Service
International Center / C14.112

Can I write my thesis during a study period abroad?

In general, it is possible to write your thesis during a study period abroad. The thesis must be listed in the learning agreement with 25 CP (MA) or 15 CP (BA) and will be graded at the host university. It can be recognized at Leuphana just like any other academic work done abroad, if the basic eligibility for recognition has been confirmed in advance by the responsible persons at Leuphana. First and second examiners are lecturers of the host university. The conversion of grades is done according to the General Examination Regulations.

Experience Report

The experience report shall be filled out by all outgoing students after completion of their study abroad, signed and handed in at the International Center within four weeks of the completion of the study abroad, latest by 15 July.

These experience reports are an important source of information for students who are planning a study abroad, both as a first orientation as well as a part of specific preparations for such a study abroad. All reports that are released for publication are available at the information desk of the International Center.

Additionally, these reports are used to evaluate the study abroad, since they give important information on the quality of the programs.