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German-French relations have a long and multi-faceted history – and there are many different reasons to get to know the French language and culture. We deal with a wide range of topics in our French courses and ‘travel’to different parts of the world: From French-speaking Africa to la France métropolitaine and on to all of Canada. We encounter French-speaking cinema, African cuisine,and numerous lives and fates of French speakers from immigrant backgrounds.

Everyone finds what they are looking for in the French language and culture: Business majors can learn about France as an important economic partner; for political scientists, French is relevant for communication in the workplace, e.g. when dealing with the European Parliament: Brussels, Luxembourg, Strasbourg. Those more interested in the culture will enjoy the array of French-language offerings, like movies in French. Future teachers can look forward to “le petit prince“ or Charles Perrault, the French equivalent of the Brothers Grimm. Learning French opens the door to traveling to the many French-speaking countries.

It doesn’t matter if you can barely say, "Je ne parle pas français!” or if you converse fluently in French: We offer a wide range of courses, beginning with level A1. If you prefer independent study, the Self-Access Center has many textbooks, software, and DVDs. You can take a placement test there as well. And if you want to actually go abroad to a French-speaking country, Leuphana University has exchange programs with universities in France and Belgium.


  • Christophe Hohwald, M.A.

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  • Valentine Sohlmann, M.A.

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Coraline Gottwald

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Caroline Wittkowski

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    Mélanie Dos Santos

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