¡Bienvenido al mundo del español!

Almost 500 million people speak Spanish, making it the third most common language in the world. It is spoken not only in Spain, but also in almost all Latin American countries as well as in many parts of the U.S. So if you learn Spanish, you can converse with a major part of the global population! If you have chosen Spain, Chile, Peru, Ecuador,or Mexico as your next destination for study abroad, you can acquire the best fundamental skills by taking courses with the Language and Culture Team. And being able to speak Spanish is a distinct advantage in the international world of business as well.

The Spanish as a foreign language team offers many different courses and seminars. Students can learn Spanish beginning with the basics, or they can improve their previous language skills. Within BASE (general language courses), introductory courses at levels A1 and A2 are offered to prepare you for advanced courses as part of Complementary Studies. 

Our insight into how to best learn Spanish can be attributed to many years of students learn the language over the course of small-scale projects. The courses are based on hands-on learning. Direct application of the acquired skills in real-life situations not only lets you learn the best , try out structures, vocabulary and pronunciation of the languagelets , it also makes room for other important aspects. This means that knowledge of social and cultural traits attributable to the language and its worlds are essential aspects facilitating effective and precise communication in a foreign language. This approach also enables us to include students in our research topics and processes by practicing research-based learning in some of the seminars.  

Would you like to study abroad or carry out a project in a Spanish-speaking country? We would be glad to advise you and accompany you on the path to success! 

¿Español? – ¡Claro que sí!


  • La otra América: La cultura chicana en Estados Unidos
  • Proyecto Comunidades Mapuches


  • Maria del Carmen Suñén Bernal, M.A.

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Adjunct instructors

Nuria Miralles Andress

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Erick Ramos

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Dr. Javier Navarro

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Ana Cecilia Dohrmann, Lic. Lit. †

Gloria Nieves Iglesias

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