Once you’ve been accepted

Below please find important information and instructions for exchange students in and outside of Europe.

Information and forms for exchange students (outgoing)

  • Notes on general safety precautions
  • Notes on overlapping semester times
  • Nomination and Application at the Host University
  • Accommodation Service
  • Can I write my thesis during a study period abroad?

Notes on general safety precautions

Registrieren Sie sich in der Krisenvorsorgeliste für deutsche Staatsangehörige „Elefand“ des Auswärtigen Amtes (Aufnahme in den E-Mail-Verteiler des "Landsleutebriefes"): https://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/de/-krisenvorsorgeliste/387662

Notes on overlapping semester times

Nomination and Application at the Host University

Nomination: The International Center nominates all students with an exchange place at the respective partner universities. Nominations are usually made between March and May for stays in the winter semester; exchange students in the summer semester can often not be nominated until August/September. As a rule, the host universities contact the nominated students directly or via the International Center with application instructions.

Application: You are responsible for submitting your application to the host university in due time. If possible, we have included information on the application procedure and deadlines at the host universities in the fact sheets in our data base at https://leuphana.adv-pub.moveon4.de/home-page-1573/. Depending on the host university, the application must either be submitted electronically via a portal or can be found for download on the website of the host university. Some universities also send the forms directly to the nominated students or to the IC; in this case, we will forward the information to you.

For Erasmus-Students: Leuphana Erasmus Code: D LUNEBUR01

Please send an email to Sandra Schnell, sandra.schnell@leuphana.de if 

  • you need a "Letter of Nomination"
  • the application form is also to be signed by the IC: send the completed and signed application form as a pdf document, you will receive a scan back as soon as possible
  • the host university only accepts applications sent via the IC: send your complete application in pdf format by the deadline to the IC

If you need original signatures from us, as the host university requires original documents sent by post, please submit the documents to be signed to the International Center in due time.

Documents often to be submitted with the application:

  1. Transcript of Records
    You can pick up a Transcript of Records in German or English at the Infoportal in Building 8. A ToR is only valid with a stamp and a signature, a myCampus printout is not sufficient.
  2. Learning Agreement (preliminary)
    Some partner universities require a preliminary Learning Agreement with the application documents, often without information on recognition at the home university (“Table B”). Submit a preliminary LA to the host university within their deadline. Around the beginning of June or the beginning of October, you will then also create the Online Learning Agreement (OLA) and the routing slip (Erasmus only) or the Learning Agreement. Detailed information on the preparation of the Learning Agreement is available in the corresponding areas below.  Please contact Stefanie Bahnsen with any questions regarding the Learning Agreement.
  3.  Proof of Sufficient Language Skills
    Most partner universities accept the language certificates issued by the International Center (Team Language and Culture)  which have been part of your application for the exchange place. Please contact the following lecturers if you have any questions or concerns:
    - English: Lynette Kirschner
    - Spanish: Maria del Carmen Suñén Bernal
    - French, Italian and Portuguese: Christophe Hohwald or, until September 30, 2024: Valentine Sohlmann

Accommodation Service

The Leuphana Accommodation Service matches private landlords or outgoing students and incoming exchange students. Above all, there is a high demand for furnished rooms in Lüneburg for one semester.

If you would like to rent out your furnished room or have any questions, please contact

Tanja Schaefer
Accommodation Service
International Center / C14.112

Can I write my thesis during a study period abroad?

In general, it is possible to write your thesis during a study period abroad, e.g. during an Erasmus+ semester. The thesis must be listed in the learning agreement with 25 CP (MA) or 15 CP (BA) and will be graded at the host university. It can be recognized at Leuphana just like any other academic work done abroad, if the basic eligibility for recognition has been confirmed in advance by the responsible persons at Leuphana. First and second examiners are lecturers of the host university. The conversion of grades is done according to the General Examination Regulations.


Sandra Schnell
Study Abroad Administrator

Eva Voßhagen
International Coordinator / Outgoing Students & Staff