Equality Work

At the faculty, we work together as equal opportunities officers from different status groups in a team in order to cover topics of equal opportunities and diversity work as broadly as possible. If you are looking for advice or support in a protected environment, you are welcome to contact us. We are available to answer questions about equality work, gender diversity issues and anti-discrimination work.

For the period 2020-22, gender equality work will focus on the following four fields of action:

(1) Appointments
Increasing the proportion of female applicants for professorships, e.g. through an active recruitment policy in cooperation with appointment committees

(2) Teaching
Implementation of a systematic curriculum and teaching analysis of the currently offered study programmes with regard to gender diversity aspects

(3) Promotion of post-docs
Involvement of the Faculty in the development of a university-wide "Code of Conduct" for supervision standards and the establishment of a fate analysis of post-docs
(4) Promoting the reconciliation of professional and non-professional responsibilities, obligations and activities as well as the development of a guideline for the consideration of gender equality aspects in recruitment procedures for scientific positions below professorships

A detailed description of the different measures for the above-mentioned areas can be found in the position paper on equality 2020-22 (in german language).

Contact persons

As a team we work together as representatives of all four status groups and you are welcome to contact us confidentially with any concerns or questions.


  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Brunner

Employees in technology and administration

  • Felicitas Seibold

Research associates

  • Nate Wessalowski, M.A.

student deputy

Stella Danker

Dalila Juan