Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is the main decision-making body at the School of Management and Technology. It makes decisions on important matters concerning research and teaching. For example, it determines the requirements of the doctoral program and decides on a text for a faculty position announcement. The Faculty Council The Faculty Council has seven voting members, four of whom are professors and one member each from the groups of research associates and research assistants, students and professional staff. The school’s Representative for Equal Opportunities is an advisory member of the Faculty Council. Members of the Faculty Council serve for two years, with the exception of student representatives, who have a one year term. The Dean chairs the Faculty Council and does not have voting rights. The current Faculty Council was elected at the beginning of the summer semester 2022. The Faculty Council meets once a month during a semester, the meetings are open to all university members.


Prof. Dr. Kerstin Brockelmann
Prof. Dr. Burkhardt Funk
Prof. Dr. Laura Venz
Prof. Dr. Jens Heger

Deputy members
Prof. Dr. Monika Imschloß

Term of office: 01.04.2022 to 30.09.2024

Research associates and research assistants
Hannes Petrowsky
Deputy research associate
Meikel Solimann

Term of office: 01.04.2022 bis 30.09.2024

Professional staff member
Steffi Kuhlmann
Deputy professional staff member
Susanne Weyand

Term of office 01.04.2022 to 30.09.2024

Lena Muhß
Seyed Bahram Taghavi Araghi
Jonas Jakob
Niklas Tenbrüggen
Fiona Markward
Christian Tuch

Term of office 01.04.2023 to 30.09.2024

Doctoral student council:
Maximilian Wagenknecht

Term of office 01.04.2022 to 30.09.2024

Representative for Equal Opportunities:
Prof. Dr. Oliver Genschow

Term of office 01.04.2022 to 30.09.2024

Protocols of the Faculty Council

Overview of protocols of the Faculty Council