About the School

Culture and Society at Leuphana

More than 100 academics from the humanities and social sciences work at the School of Culture and Society at Leuphana. They pursue the shared goal of further developing the cultural studies project in the context of changing socio-cultural conditions. The point is not to dissolve individual disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, but rather to establish a specific cultural studies programme that aims at a critique of the present.

Research Areas

The School of Culture and Society focuses on cross-disciplinary research that explores questions that are highly significant to contemporary society. Our two primary research areas (Digital Cultures and Cultures of Critique) and our one research initiative (Cultures of Conflict) form a framework for innovative, advanced research in cultural studies. All of these research areas rely heavily on collaboration, and they include colloquia, conferences, and summer programs as well as ongoing collaborations with numerous externally funded projects.

Study and Teaching

The faculty is home to three majors (Cultural Studies, Studium Individuale, and Digital Media) and three minors at Leuphana College (Philosophy, Digital Media/Information Technology & Culture, and Studium Individuale) as well as three master's programmes at Leuphana Graduate School: Critical Studies - Arts, Theory, History; Media and Digital Cultures; and Cultural Studies: Culture and Organization.