Diversity in the School of Public Affairs

The School of Public Affairs has set itself the goal of designing teaching, learning, working and research conditions in a way that provides equal opportunities and of implementing structural and personnel equality standards. In order to create a family-friendly, gender- and diversity-friendly and appreciative university culture, it is necessary to integrate anti-discrimination, equal opportunities, equality and inclusion into the everyday processes of teaching and research, studying and quality assurance and to promote suitable measures with commitment.

Position Paper and Alignment

In the coming years, the focus of the School of public Affairs in the area of equality, diversity and inclusion will be on the promotion of female academics in the qualification phase, as well as on targeted measures that promote the diversity of faculty members and, in particular, increase the proportion of W2 and W3 female professors in the coming years. Here you can find the position paper on gender equality that elaborates on these goals.

Position Paper

Contact persons

If you have any questions, suggestions or experiences of discrimination, you can contact the following address at any time:

Equal Opportunities Officer of the Faculty (currently in research semester)

  • Prof. Dr. Christian Welzel

Deputy Equal Opportunities Officer of the Faculty

  • Prof. Dr. Sarah Engler

Consultant for Internationalisation

  • Hanna Juliane Ostermoor