Knowledge transfer

Universities are shapers of change. They take social needs needs. And they relate these to their own work: new knowledge is created in research.

By teaching students students and the transfer of findings to companies an organizations, the new knowledge reaches civil society directly. If the knowledge has an impact there and changes the status quo — for example the way we can live together sustainably — then we, the School of Management and Faculty of Management and Technology, speak of "impact".

Opportunities, ways in which we can support joint research, co-creative engagement and and support in the founding and development of companies.
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The challenges of digital transformation, the sustainable orientation of our orientation of our society and the need for responsible management in private and public companies cannot be postponed.

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Co-creative engagement and impact stories

Would you like to know what is currently being researched? Do you want to understand how complex research in management and technology can affect your everyday life? As a company or public institution, you certainly have a vital interest in using reliable knowledge from us for your own purposes as quickly as possible and thus achieving success.

You've come to the right place.

We pass on our specialist knowledge transparently in workshops and a variety of interactive formats. We always aim to encourage new ways of thinking and critical reflection.
Last but not least we inspire you with our "impact stories". These are texts, podcasts or recordings of live events such as expert talks that educate and educate and entertain at the same time.

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