About School of Public Affairs

The Institute of Economics, the Leuphana Law School and the Institute of Political Science will join the Leuphana School of Public Affairs. With 11 new colleagues to be recruited, the School will play a significant role in shaping the dynamic development of Leuphana University.

The Presidential Board has assigned a six-member founding team with the necessary preparatory work for the establishment of the new school: 

Prof. Dr. Jörg Philipp Terhechte, founding representative of the Presidential Board 
Prof. Dr. Axel Halfmeier
Prof. Dr. Michael Koß
Prof. Dr. Tobias Lenz
Prof. Dr. Mario Mechtel
Prof. Dr. Christian Pfeifer

Following the committee elections in December 2021, the constituent meeting of the Faculty Council with the election of the team of the Dean's Office will take place in January 2022. This page will be updated accordingly.