Personnel Development for Academic Staff

Personnel Development for Academic Staff at Leuphana University Lüneburg regards itself as a central service department for the support of its academic staff. By networking and cooperating with other central and decentralised departments of Leuphana in the field, personnel development measures are bundled for the various academic target groups. Thematically, personnel development for Leuphana's academic staff is located in the Vice President's Department for Personnel Development and is structurally anchored in the President's Office.

Programme of events for academics for the summer semester 2024.

The programme of events for the winter semester will be published in July/ August 2024.

Current information and events:

„Crafting Your Science Story: Techniques for Impactful Communication“, a seminar by academics (17 July), please note that you will be asked to register with academics.

"Introduction to the German Academic System", a seminar by Deutscher Hochschulverband (26 July), see the information.

"How to become a Professor in Germany", a seminar by Deutscher Hochschulverband (9 August), see the information.

"Online Talk Series on DFG Funding Opportunities for Research Careers", next talk in English on "DFG Funding Opportunities for Postdocs" (29 August). Click here for all information.

Funding for female researchers who wish to expand their international networks and research: Applications for the "Programme to Promote the Internationalization of female early career researchers" are accepted till 1 September, 2024.

Teaching Competence: Do you wish to deepen your teaching competence (in English) with a special focus on intercultural teaching contexts? Leuphana's Teaching Service offers a programme for up to 12 academic teachers which will take place in October, 2024. Applications are welcome till 15 September. Click here for all details.

Please note the YES (Young Entrepreneurs in Science) programme of workshops, all in English, such as "Your Entrepreneurial Career", "From PhD to Innovator", "Discover Your Resilience" and others.

Also please note the offers from various providers on the Munich Postdoc Network platform.

If you are an international scholar interested in an academic career in Germany, please note the current publication (in German & English) by the German Academic Exchange Service.

Personnel development for academic staff supports academics in their career orientation and professional development and offers measures for interdisciplinary competence development. These include events on specific topics, workshops and individual forms of counselling.

The counselling provided by the responsible officer is specifically geared to questions about career options in science. If you would like advice on possible career paths in business and society, you will find the right contact person at the Graduate School.

The Office is an independent, confidential, gender- and diversity-sensitive organisational unit.


Dr. Hannah Jacobmeyer is the Academic Personnel Development Officer for academic staff at Leuphana University Lüneburg. She holds a doctorate in English and has more than 20 years of professional experience in education and research, both within and outside of academia.

Personnel Development for Academic Staff

  • Dr. Hannah Jacobmeyer

Target groups

Below you will find information, offers and tips for the various target groups of personnel development for academic staff. The contents are continuously adapted and expanded.

  • Professors
  • Newly appointed professors and junior professors
  • Research Assistants (WiMis)
  • Doctoral candidates


Increasingly, professors hold management positions and are responsible for the personal development of their staff. The Academic Personnel Development Office at Leuphana can serve as a contact point for professors for these challenges and, if necessary, develop areas for reflection and appropriate measures. In particular, they can provide support for the personal development of the academic staff assigned to them.

Newly appointed professors and junior professors

Newly appointed professors and junior professors are to be particularly supported in their start at Leuphana. The measures range from an onboarding process to personal initial consultations to specific offers for career planning and development, especially in the areas of research, teaching and scholarship. As new members of the university, newly appointed professors and junior professors bring with them ideas, skills and potential. At the same time, they are faced with the task of finding their way in a new and innovative academic environment, building networks, producing excellent academic performance, pursuing their individual career development and, depending on the job profile, actively shaping their own academic career path at an early stage.

Research Assistants (WiMis)

Research Assistants (WiMis) work in research and teaching in a variety of roles. The different qualification levels, job profiles and tasks as well as the contractual framework must be taken into account. The heterogeneous needs and situations will be focused on in order to be able to provide constructive support for career development so that the target group can develop its potential to the full. The aim is to identify and reflect on career development perspectives within or outside academia and to support strategic planning. Transparency, participation and confidentiality are the cornerstones of the support provided.

Doctoral candidates

In addition to the Graduate School's offerings, the Academic Personnel Development Office is the contact point for doctoral candidates who want to explore and reflect on their academic career options. A doctorate is the first step towards an academic career. The global knowledge society also requires highly qualified employees, so that a doctorate also prepares and qualifies for an outstanding position in business and society. The target group for personnel development is not only internal doctoral candidates, but also external doctoral students and those who decide to pursue a career outside of academia during their doctoral studies. For this group, it is particularly important to reflect on career perspectives and the many options for working within and outside of academia. The Graduate School offers support especially to those doctoral candidates who decide to pursue a career in business and society. The academic personal development programmes are aimed primarily at doctoral candidates who are considering an academic career and want to reflect on the opportunities and challenges of this option.