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As a service unit for teaching and teaching development, the Leuphana Teaching Service supports lecturers in the preparation, implementation and further development of courses as well as modules and study programs. At the interface between operational and strategic levels, the focus is on a wide range of support services, particularly in the area of digital teaching, the support and coordination of applications for funding as well as teaching development projects, and offers for individual further qualification.

It is the central hub where information and experience on teaching, learning and teaching development are bundled and brought into a lively exchange - university-wide, with a constant eye on current developments in the (inter)national education landscape. Acordingly, the teaching service is also significantly involved in the organisation of the Leuphana Teaching Day as well as the anouncement and the awarding of the Teaching Award.

The teaching service emerged from the project "Leuphana...auf dem Weg!" (2017-2021), funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in the "Qualitätspakt Lehre". Since 2021, it has been institutionalized as a central unit of Leuphana University.

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Services and Support

A compilation of diverse support offers for teaching, especially on digital platforms, tools or media production (e.g. instructions and examples) but also recommendations, templates and handouts on other topics such as didactic methods, the creation of course descriptions or teaching portfolios can be found on the pages in the Support & Tools section

The current situation, caused by the Corona protection measures, is a great challenge for Leuphana's teaching staff. Current and basic information on teaching in the upcoming winter semester and on possible event formats will be communicated via the central distribution lists and can be accessed here at any time.

Do you have questions about the implementation of digital teaching-learning formats? If it is of a technical or didactic nature, the Digital Teaching Support Team will be happy to assist you with answering your questions. Simply send an e-mail with your specific question to: digi-support@leuphana.de.

If students have problems with digital teaching or with those online tools used, the Student Support Team for Digital Teaching is available at stud.digi-support@leuphana.de or on the website Student Support for Digital Teaching

In addition, the Leuphana Teaching Service is happy to support you in the didactic planning of your courses, e.g. by being available as a reflection partner based on the goals of your course for exchange and consultation on suitable teaching-learning forms, methods and (digital) tools for your courses and lectures. You can find the consulting services of our learning specialists below.

Consulting Services of the Learning Specialists

The possibilities for teaching have multiplied since 2020: There is face-to-face (even if only to a small extent), online or hybrid teaching with synchronous and asynchronous elements. We would like to offer you the opportunity to reflect on your teaching or its digital or hybrid implementation with one of the Leuphana Teaching Service's specialists.

The advantage of a consultation is that you can talk about your own teaching, even if you do not have any specific questions or concrete problems. Questions can develop that you may not have been aware of before, or you can reflect on your project without specific questions.


... you would like to discuss the technical and didactical interconnections of online teaching,

... are still looking for a more suitable implementation for certain teaching ideas in the coming semester,

... are overwhelmed by the variety of digital and hybrid formats or

... would like to further develop an already successful event?

Why not arrange a meeting with us?

You can reach us by phone and email or make an appointment directly via moodle. You can find our contact details and consulting focus on our team page. To use the moodle appointment scheduler, please log in with your myStudy access and register once for the course "Open Teaching Service Consultation." Now, you will receive detailed information about the expertise of the learning specialists as well as a selection of time slots that are directly available for reservation.

Further Training

The Leuphan Teaching Service offers a wide range of continuing education opportunities for Leuphana teachers. In addition to a certificate program in higher education didactics, this includes a wide range of workshops on various topics. We also offer regular web workshops with a focus on options for using digital tools in digitally supported teaching, including corresponding instructions. For more information on all continuing education and training courses offered by the teaching service, please visit the websites on continuing education.


In its monthly newsletter, the Leuphana Teaching Service provides information on current topics in teaching at Leuphana and beyond. This includes in particular: Offers & Dates, Announcements & Competitions, Current Topics & News.

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Do you have recommendations or would you like us to draw attention to specific teaching-related offers in our newsletter? Then simply send us an email (lehrservice@leuphana.de).


The contact details of the colleagues of the Leuphana Teaching Service can be found under Team.