E-Exams with Moodle

Moodle is the central learning management system at Leuphana University. On this page, you will find out how to conduct exams in Moodle. Both traditional exams with different types of questions and submissions dealing with a bigger exam question are possible. You create the exam in a pre-designed exam course to which students are granted access at the given time. Hereafter the separate steps of an exam in Moodle will be explained.

Please note that an e-exam cannot take place in your regular Moodle course but a particular exam course has to be requested (see below).

Options for designing an exam

For e-exams in Moodle, two different functions (so called activities) in Moodle are available.

  • Activity Quiz: If you are planning a traditional exam with several questions and possibly different types of questions, the activity Quiz is suited for your exam. Students answer the questions online in the intended blocks in Moodle. There are different types of questions for you to choose from, amongst others arithmetical problems, drag-and-drop, cloze tests, etc.
  • Activity Assignment: If you want to pose a larger question that your students are expected to answer in one text, the activity Assignment is the best fit for your exam. The task can be uploaded as a PDF-document. Students either work in an editor in Moodle and send in their answers there or create their answers outside of Moodle and upload their results in the end. Submitting a PDF-document is possible.

If you are interested in Moodle’s general functions, please read the page on Moodle in general.

Handouts & material

  • Handouts for teachers: In theses handouts, the entire process from requesting an exam course to the very finish is explained. For an exam using the activity Quiz, read the handout Activity Quiz (in German), for an exam using the activity Assignment, read the handout Activity Assignment (in German).
  • Video tutorials: In the video linked here, you will learn to set up the activity Quiz (video in German).
  • Tutorial courses in Moodle: To get to know the functions of Moodle and test them out, we recommend our tutorial courses in Moodle. You need to be logged into Moodle to access the link and then can enroll in the course yourself.

If you have questions that are not answered here, please check the FAQ online exams (in German) or contact the support (see below).

Since a great part of the tutorial material was created for an older version of Moodle, the functions can look a little different now. However, the basic functions have remained the same. We are working on updating the material as soon as possible.

We are currently working on our handouts to provide English material as soon as possible.

Requesting exam courses in Moodle

If you are planning an exam in Moodle, please contact lehrservice@leuphana.de. The teaching service will set up the course in question for you. You will receive a pre-configured template that you can adjust to your needs.