10 minutes DigiTaL

In the winter semester 2023/24, the 10 minutes DigiTaL will take place every Wednesday 12:00 - 12:10 in lecture hall 4.

Digital and hybrid teaching formats as well as blended learning have rapidly gained in importance in the course of the Corona pandemic and are now an integral component of a future-oriented learning culture. In addition to numerous positive developments, this also gives rise to technical, social, and legal challenges that need to be addressed. In the weekly 10-minute series by the project "Leuphana: Digital Transformation Lab for Teaching and Learning" (funded by the Foundation Innovation in University Teaching), new technologies and innovative teaching and learning formats will be presented together with trends and forecasts for the future of digital teaching. Come by and be inspired by the digital transformation of university teaching!

Testing VR-Gear in the auditorium hallway ©Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
Testing VR-Gear in the auditorium hallway

Follow lectures online?

For some of the lectures we can offer an additional stream via Zoom:

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Please refer to the lecture overview at the bottom of this page to find out which lectures you can follow online.


E-Assessment - Perspectives now and in the future
Dr. Julia Webersik, Prof. Dr. Matthias Wenzel

Subproject 5
31.10.2023 Public holidays

Revolution in higher education? Feedback through artificial intelligence
Jun. Prof. Dr. Kira Elena Weber, Lucas Jasper Jacobsen

  •  Stream via Zoom
Subproject 2
14.11.2023The Sustainable Methods Wiki: A resource for students, researchers and teachers
Prof. Dr. Henrik von Wehrden, Neha Chauhan, Dr. Anna-Lena Rau
Subproject 4

Get Ready for Reality - Interpersonal Competence Building in Virtual Realities
Prof. Dr. Poldi Kuhl, Prof. Dr. David Loschelder

  •  Stream via Zoom
Subproject 1

Connecting classrooms across borders: What virtual exchange can do for University level learning
Jodie Birdman

  •  Stream via Zoom
Subproject 10

Data analysis and programming in complementary studies
Prof. Dr. Burkhardt Funk, Jonas Scharfenberger

  •  Stream via Zoom
Subproject 7

Digital participation - flexibility thanks to hybrid events in the international study programs at Leuphana Professional School
Maria Schloßstein, Johann Mai

  •  Stream via Zoom
Subproject 11

Preparing for the Digital Data-Driven World of Tomorrow - A Competence Framework for Data & Digital Literacy Education at Leuphana
Prof. Dr. Steffi Hobuß, Johannes Katsarov

  •  Stream via Zoom
DigiTaL Cluster Data und Digital Literacy
26.12.2023Public holidays
02.01.2024Public holidays

Digital learning games for the responsible use of future technologies
Prof. Dr. Paul Drews, Prof. Dr. Hannah Trittin-Ulbrich, Johannes Katsarov

  •  Stream via Zoom
Subproject 8
16.01.2024Navigating the Future - Future Skills in the Master Complementary Studies Program
Gitte Köllner
Subproject 6

The Times They Are a-Changin' - Kritische Reflexionen aus und für die Lehrer*innenbildung
Moritz Paesche

  •  Stream via Zoom
Subproject 3

Internationalization@home: Lessons learned from two years of fostering digital and international seminars in the master's complementary and doctoral course
Anna Sundermann
Subproject 9