Teaching at Leuphana

Leuphana's educational idea is based on the values of a humanistic, sustainable and action-oriented university. Leuphana concretizes these guiding ideas in a widely awarded study and university model with five fields of interaction for the design of teaching, which together make up Leuphana's special teaching profile.

Teaching and learning at Leuphana enables students to educate themselves in depth, both professionally and methodologically, to gain perspectives beyond subject boundaries, and to develop competencies for solving social and personal challenges. In numerous projects and processes - including those funded by third parties - Leuphana pursues the further development of its curricula and programs in accordance with the strategic goals defined in the university development plan. The Teaching Service provides a range of support, information and training services to faculty and staff, and co-ordinates externally-funded inter-university teaching development projects. Exchange formats such as the "Teaching Day" make excellent teaching visible and enable community building and transfer.

For (further) qualification in teaching, the Teaching Service offers two qualification programmes in higher education didactics as well as numerous other workshops for further education.