Day of Teaching - November 23rd, 2022

Teaching in present and future

After a break due to the pandemic, the Day of Teaching will take place again on November 23rd, 2022, from 2 to 6 p.m..
This year's Teaching Day is organized and designed in cooperation between Leuphana University's Teaching Service and the two projects Leuphana: Digital Transformation Lab for Teaching and Learning (DigiTaL) and Souver@nes digitales Lehren und Lernen in Niedersachsen (SOUVER@N), which are funded by the Foundation Innovation in Higher Education.

With the Teaching Day, Leuphana once a year puts the focus of the university community on the joint examination of the various university actors with current topics, projects and initiatives in the context of teaching and learning. This year, too, a large number of projects and initiatives from all faculties and schools present themselves and invite discussion and exchange. In particular, the cross-university project "Leuphana: Digital Transformation Lab for Teaching and Learning" (DigiTaL) invites visitors to get to know the sub-projects and their teaching-learning innovations in interactive German- and English-language formats.

The keynote address "Digital, open and collaborative: New teaching formats for times in crisis - and beyond?" by Prof. Dr. Elke Schüßler (JKU Linz) and Prof. Dr. Hannah Trittin-Ulbrich (Leuphana) will kick off the discussion on this year's motto "Teaching in the present and future".

The digital supplementary program for this year's Teaching Day will take place via Moodle.


The registration for the Day of Teaching is now open.
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Participate without registration?

You are also welcome to participate in the Teaching Day without registering in advance - simply register briefly at the reception for the Teaching Day on site.


Program Overview

The new campus: park for teaching and learning

Irmhild Brüggen

How can outdoor learning spaces work? Join us for a discussion about opportunities and methods for teaching outdoors. An interactive offer on the Campus Park with an impulse by representative for sustainability Irmhild Brüggen.






Central Building Foyer

Gallery Walk - part I

In the foyer of the central building, you can get in touch with initiatives and projects related to teaching at Leuphana and gain insight into their work. Inform yourself with the help of the exhibited or network with project participants on site. At trial stations you can experience the practical use of innovative tools for teaching.





Central Building Forum&Foyer


From vice president Simone Abels




Central Building Foyer

Keynote: Digital, open and collaborative: New teaching formats for times of crisis - and beyond? Elke Schüßler (KJU Linz) and Hannah Trittin-Ulbrich (Leuphana)

The keynote speech of the winners of the renowned international "Ideas Worth Teaching"-Award of the Aspen Institute will kick off the discussion on this year's motto of the Day of Teaching "Teaching in the Present and the Future." The program item will be held in English.




Central Building

Gallery Walk - Part II

s.o. Gallery Walk - Part I



Central Building Forum&Foyer

Leuphana: digital transformation lab for teaching and learning (DigiTaL)

Four sub-projects from the DigiTaL project will present teaching-learning innovations in interactive sessions, invite you to join in and try them out, and offer both German- and English-language formats:

  •     "Future Workshop e-Portfolio" (DE)
         by Anke Karber and Moritz Paesche, Subproject 3
         Room: C40.601

  •     "Building a knowlegde wiki about scientifc methods - a post-disciplinary approach" (EN)
         by Prof. Dr. Henrik von Wehrden, Dr. Anna-Lena Rau and Neha Chauhan, subproject 4
         Room: C40.530
  •     "Digital tools fostering data literacy skills in teaching" (EN)
         by Bermet Usenova and Francisco Arcila Salamanca, subproject 7
        Room: C40.704
  •     "Serious moral games: teaching professional values and attitudes through games" (DE)
         by Johannes Katsarov, Subproject 8
         Room: C40.153










    Central Building



    From vice president Simone Abels


    Central Building Foyer

    Informal get together

    After the official part, you can relax in the foyer of the central building or at the catering buffet to finish the talks you have started and let the day sink in.


    from 18.00



    Central Building Foyer

    The digital supplementary program for this year's Teaching Day takes place via Moodle.

    There you will find information about the Teaching Day 2022 and the individual program items, you can read through the posters of the Gallery Walk again at your leisure, and you can download additional materials for some of the interactive formats.

    You will need Moodle access to use the accompanying digital program. How to get this and further information about Moodle can be found on the page of the teaching service.

    Interactive sessions

    Needs, potentials and challenges for e-portfolio at Leuphana University
    Future workshop e-portfolio (DE)

    An interactive format on faculty needs in the context of the e-portfolio.
    In its nature, scope, and use, the portfolio is a versatile medium for presenting a collection of a variety of different artifacts. The e-portfolio moves this collection into the digital space. In the future workshop, we want to work out together what the needs and requirements are on the part of teachers and users for the e-portfolio. In addition, we want to discuss the potentials and challenges of using the e-portfolio in university teaching.

    Number of participants: max. 20
    Room: C40.601

    About the speakers:

    • Anke Karber is professor of social pedagogy with a focus on vocational education research and didactics at Leuphana University of Lüneburg.
    •     Moritz Paesche is a research assistant in subproject 3 "Strengthening Dialogical & Cooperative Practices in the E-Portfolio".
    •     Both are working on the further development of the e-portfolio in the form of the MyPortfolio platform at Leuphana University as part of the DigiTal-project.

    Building a knowlegde wiki about scientifc methods – 
    A post-disciplinary approach (EN)

    The goal of this interactive format is to introduce the audience to the Methods Wiki created by Henrik von Wehrden and his team and to demonstrate the ways in which it can be used to enhance methods teaching and learning. Since 2017, they have been working on this Wiki, which is being developed to introduce a holistic scientific knowledge of methods. In addition to presenting diverse disciplinary and interdisciplinary methods, the core goal of the Wiki is to elaborate the normative dimensions of methods in order to contribute to a reflexive methodology. The Wiki is curated by Henrik von Wehrden and the team who generate all content.

    Number of participants: max. 30
    Room: C40.530

    About the speakers:

    • Neha Chauhan is an environmental researcher with a Masters in Environmental Science from India. She is interested in understanding the impacts of climate change on the farming systems and in the DigiTaL project she currently focuses on creating new entries (for TP 4 Sustainability Methods Wiki).
    • Anna-Lena Rau is a biologist with a PhD in sustainability science from Germany. She is interested in ecosystem services and in the DigiTaL project, she currently focuses on creating new entries for the Methods Wiki, especially on methods from ecology.
    • Prof. Dr. Henrik von Wehrden holds a PhD in Biology and is Professor for Scientific Methods from Germany. His research agenda revolves around the development, transfer and application of scientific methods to sustainability-related problems with the aim of creating novel knowledge and solutions.

    Digital tools fostering data literacy skills in teaching (EN)

    Are you interested in innovative digital tools in teaching? Do you wanna exchange ideas about your own experience of digital tool usage in Leuphana University? Then you can join our interactive format from TP7 DATAxtended where we will introduce different digital tools developed in our subproject for math and python courses. You will have the opportunity of trying out some of them by yourself and see some of the material that we have developed.
    No previous knowledge of python programming language or math is required.

    Number of participants: max. 30
    Room: C40.704

    About the speakers

    • Bermet Usenova is Msc in Management and Data Science currently working on a video mathematics course “PrepMath” for bachelor students.
    • Francisco Arcila Salamanca is Msc in Biology, he is the developer of the DATAxHub, a research platform for the improvement of the teaching of data science and programming.

    Serious moral games:
    Teaching professional values and attitudes through games (DE)

    Conventional teaching approaches regularly fail when it comes to imparting responsible attitudes. Digital and analog learning games and simulations, on the other hand, can have a big impact in a short amount of time. In this interactive format, we test the digital learning game "CO-BOLD" to teach the opportunities and risks of artificial intelligence for organizations. In doing so, we shed light on some mechanisms that enable game-based learning and that have been proven in empirical studies. The format will take place hybrid, meaning participation is possible both on-site and via Zoom. Please have a computer, tablet, or smartphone available to test the game.

    Number of participants: No requirements
    Room: C40.153

    About the presenters:

    • Johannes Katsarov develops and researches digital games at Leuphana to make people aware of opportunities and risks associated with new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and social media. Previously, he developed two digital games for teaching ethics at the University of Zurich, which are used to educate medical and business students at several universities, and submitted a PhD thesis in ethics on "Virtuous Play - Promoting Moral Sensitivity with Digital Games". His main research interest is to identify teaching mechanisms and strategies that effectively promote the development of responsible attitudes and competencies for moral action.
    • Johann Mai supports the hybrid implementation of the workshop out of the DigiTaL subproject "HyLiK - Hybrid Teaching in an International Context". As the person responsible for synchronous hybrid teaching environments, he develops didactic and technical concepts of hybridity for inclusive teaching/learning spaces at Leuphana.

    Projects, institutions and initiatives at Gallery Walk

    During the Gallery Walk phase, you can network and exchange ideas with employees and those responsible for various projects, institutions and initiatives on the topic of teaching in the foyer of the Central Building. Here you will find an overview of the exhibitors:

    Contact persons

    Dr. Julia Webersik
    Universitätsallee 1, C7.410
    21335 Lüneburg
    Fon +49.4131.677-1827

    Annika Weinert-Brieger
    Universitätsallee 1, C40.229
    21335 Lüneburg
    Fon +49.4131.677-4034

    Christina Durant
    Universitätsallee 1, C40.230
    21335 Lüneburg
    Fon +49.4131.677-4096