Content and Concept

Do you already have an idea for an educational video and/or are you in need of planning support?

The Consultant for Digital Teaching in the Teaching Service can provide you with the following types of support services:

  • Assistance in the development of a production concept and script (learning objectives, target group, etc.)
  • Advice on didactic and methodological issues in the development of production concepts (target group, learning objectives, integration into the course and methodical instructions)
  • Guidance for teachers on video formats and the use of video in teaching

Video Production

From filming to editing, a Digital Teaching Consultant will accompany you and coordinate the video production process for your teaching and learning environment with media technology support from Olaf Krafft (Head of AVM). The following describes the "shoot to edit" process in detail:

  • Video recording (including sound and lighting)
  • Video editing (e.g. Final Cut Pro)
  • Post-production (final formatting for use in the course)
  • All of these steps can only be carried out if the necessary resources and capacity are available, which can be heavily utilised depending on the volume of production.

Video studio

Perhaps you would like to know where you can film and what media you can use?

The video studio in the AVM Service Centre (MIZ) is available to courses and lecturers and is equipped with the following exemplary technology

  • LED studio lights
  • Video camera
  • Microphone (wireless)
  • Computer for video editing (note: in a separate room)
  • Green screen (for subsequent background insertion)
  • Monitor for live view

Is the video studio my filming location?

The video studio can be used by arrangement with AVM Service (Olaf Krafft). However, the video studio is also used for teaching purposes and cannot be booked during these times.

Can I borrow equipment?

The media and recording equipment required for video recording can be borrowed from the AVM service, subject to availability. For video editing, you can use the computer pool at the AVM service.