Borrowing equipment

Borrowing equipment

Equipment borrowing allows members of the university to use a variety of media devices that can be borrowed for research and teaching purposes. From projectors and laptops to audio and video recording devices, transcription equipment, and digital cameras, the equipment lending service makes all common media devices available for research and teaching. Bicycles for staff and a cargo bike can also be borrowed here.

A user-ID and, if necessary, a lending permit are required for borrowing. Media equipment can then be reserved in person, by telephone or by e-mail.

You will find the equipment lending service on the University Campus in building 7, room 115. You can reach us by phone at 04131 677 -1342.


The user-ID can only be created on site during opening hours. For the issuance of the user-ID you will need your identity card and, if available, your LeuphanaCard and student ID.

Lending permission

Larger devices require a lending permission. The lending permission must be submitted to the department by mail or as a form prior to the lending process. Without this confirmation from a lecturer or supervisor, large equipment cannot be issued.

Deadlines and overdue fines

In case of late return, a overdue fine will be charged per device and per day. Further information can be found in the lending regulations.

Lending regulations and lending permission lists

Please note our lending regulations:

- Lending Regulations for equipment

Lending authorization lists for seminars and initiatives:

- for seminars

- for initiatives


Equipment lending service
Universitätsallee 1, C7.115
21335 Lüneburg
Phone +49.4131.677-1342


Open hours

Mo-Thu:  8:00-16:00 hrs
Fri:  8:00-13:00 hrs

Term break
Mo - Fri:  10:00-13:00 hrs

The equipment lending desk will be closed on Friday, 10 May!