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Welcome, first year students!

We wish you a great start into the winter semester 2022/2023!
All important links to our services are compiled on this page.

First steps

The most important thing in advance: If you want to borrow books or use our printers, you first need to activate your Leuphana Card:

  • Step 1: Fill out the online registration.
  • Step 2: Activate the card at the service desk in the library foyer.

Please note that you cannot currently use the main entrance of the library due to construction work (see map).
All other important information for the first steps can be found further down the page.

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First semester library research courses: Face-to-face and/or Zoom

There are courses about the library services and searching especially for students in the Leuphana Semester. You can find the exact course descriptions at myStudy. Registration is done via myStudy.

Course dates for introductory lectures

  • 26.10.2022, 2:15 pm: Literaturrecherche für Anfänger*innen (in-person | zoom)
  • 28.10.2022, 12:15 pm: Literaturrecherche für Anfänger*innen (in-person | zoom)

Course dates for more in-depth literature research courses (Zoom)

  • Erstsemester - Wirtschaftswissenschaften effizient recherchieren: 04.11.2022 (alternativ: 30.11.2022)
  • Erstsemester - Lehramtsstudierende effizient recherchieren: 11.11.2022 (alternativ: 16.11.2022)
  • Erstsemester - Kulturwissenschaften effizient recherchieren: 09.11.2022 (alternativ: 18.11.2022)
  • Erstsemester - Umweltwissenschaften effizient recherchieren: 09.11.2022 (alternativ: 18.11.2022)
  • Erstsemester - Politikwissenschaften effizient recherchieren: 23.11.2022
  • Erstsemester - Wirtschaftspsychologie effizient recherchieren: 07.12.2022
  • Erstsemester - Juristische Fachliteratur effizient recherchieren: 14.12.2022

Course date for the introduction to reference management programs (Zoom)

  • Erstsemester - Leichter zitieren mit Citavi & Co: 02.11.2022

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Introductory courses for first-year students: Moodle

We have compiled all important initial information about the library for you on Moodle:

You can also find these and the following courses on the Moodle homepage under Semesterübergreifende Moodle-Kurse - Bibliothekskurse.

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Subject-specific research courses: Moodle

There are also courses on Moodle for subject-specific research and an introduction into database use::

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Introductions to reference management programs

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