Leuphana Account

Members of staff and students receive a personal Leuphana account at appointment or enrolment. It enables the use of the following services and offers of the Media and Information Centre:

Services for staff

Services for students

Changing your password

For security reasons, you should change your password regularly. To do this, you should use the following link:


Outside the university network, the link can only be reached with an existing VPN-connection.

Password rules:

  • A password must have exactly 8 characters.
  • It should not be found in any dictionary and not easily deducible ("test1" as password is just as bad as "Test").
  • Case-sensitivity is important!
  • Accepted characters are: a-z (at least 1), A-Z (at least 1), 0-9 (at least 1), following special Characters # @ $ ! _ – . + ‚
  • Passwords composed of letters, numbers and special characters are considered to be sufficiently secure.

Secure passwords

Helpful hints for creating secure passwords and a password generator can be found here.