Email & Groupware

All members of Leuphana University automatically receive an e-mail address for the duration of their employment or study. The e-mail service can be used either via the web interface  or with an e-mail client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail or KMail.


The email address has the following form: or

For security reasons, you should change your password regularly. For more information, see Leuphana-Account.


Email, address book, calendar function

Software to support collaboration in a group is called Groupware. At Leuphana University, the CommuniGate Pro software serves as an email and group ware system. It includes email, address book and calendar functions and provides a shared working environment for users.

You can use group ware in conjunction with the usual email and calendar applications or via the platform-independent web client Pronto!:

With pronto!, you can easily manage emails, calendars and contacts and define different levels of access rights for other people. In addition, this Flash-based client has an appealing layout and an instant messenger.

Editing a document together

With the Etherpad application, we offer a simple solution to work with several participants simultaneously on one document.

You can access Etherpad at:

You will find a quick guide at

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