Campus Management

The Campus Management department supports all phases of the academic lifecycle with the help of integrated IT systems – from the application for a place to study to the administration of courses and assessments to the creation of certificates. In addition, technical solutions are provided for related areas such as e-learning, evaluation or accreditation.

Campus Management is responsible for the operation, administration and further development of the IT systems required to support these (administrative) processes. All affected coordination and decision-making processes are accompanied from the beginning in order to ensure the technical feasibility of the decisions made and to be able to plan the resources required for this.

Campus Management supports the users of the systems and offers training and supporting materials (user guides, etc.). Decision-making processes within the university are supported by evaluations and statistics of various kinds.

Overview of the Campus Management systems

  • myCampus
  • HIS systems
  • myStudy
  • Moodle
  • evasys

Overview of the Campus Management systems


myCampus is Leuphana's new, integrated campus management system. It will replace the outdated software modules for the application and admission process, student management and examination management. In addition, it will combine as many functionalities as possible that are currently distributed across different software and platforms.

If you would like to find out more about the project to implement myCampus, its structure and the introduction phases, please feel free to visit the project's intranet page.

HIS systems

At Leuphana, as at many other German universities, various study-related processes are supported by the systems of HIS eG. The Campus Management department operates and configures these systems and supports students and staff of the departments in their use.

  • HIS ZUL: Application and admission to studies at Leuphana
  • HIS SOS: Student management
  • HIS POS. Assessment management
  • HIS QIS: Self-service functions for students and employees


myStudy is an internet-based service to support studying and teaching at Leuphana. The system has been developed and operated in the Media and Information Centre since 2001. The system maps the university's course catalogue and, based on this, offers numerous services that have become an integral part of the everyday lives of students and lecturers:

Information functions

  • Search and navigation in the course catalogue
  • Detailed course descriptions
  • Provision of seminar schedules
  • Links to course websites
  • Personalised course schedules
  • Staff directory of lecturers and employees
  • Consultation hour information
  • Semester information
  • Detailed module descriptions
  • Module handbooks
  • Room plans and room calendars
  • Links for students (AStA (General Students Committee), BAföG Office, Faculty Student Councils, etc.)

Organisational and planning functions

  • Role- and rights-controlled mapping of the entire workflow from the recording and planning of course offerings to publication and online use to archiving of data
  • Various registration procedures for courses (list procedure, lottery procedure, cluster procedure)
  • Administration of consultation hours

Communication functions

  • Forums for communication within courses
  • Current messages from lecturers to students
  • Seminar-specific email lists
  • Course-specific email lists
  • Subject-specific newsletters

Distribution functions

  • Up- and download of materials for lecturers and students
  • PDF exports of seminar and course schedules
  • PDF export of the course catalogue
  • ICS subscriptions for course schedules, room plans and office hours

Further functions

  • Connection to the student teaching evaluation system (evasys)
  • Connection to the e-learning system Moodle
  • SOAP-based web services for further online services
  • Interfaces to examination administration with HIS POS

Further information on myStudy can be found in the myStudy portal.


The Campus Management department maintains the e-learning platform Moodle for Leuphana's Teaching Service. Moodle provides course rooms for courses and projects, the elements of which can be used in the courses.

The Teaching Service is happy to advise you on the possible uses of Moodle and the integration of e-learning content into a didactically appropriate learning scenario.


evasys is a web-based software for the automatic evaluation of questionnaires in the context of quality management of educational institutions. Furthermore, the system handles paper, online and hybrid surveys as well as multimodal surveys. It unifies the entire process of designing questionnaires and mass controlling survey processes.

At Leuphana, the system is used primarily for student research projects and surveys, as well as occasionally in teaching.


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