Campus Management

The Campus Management Section supports all phases of the Academic Lifecycle with integrated IT systems. The administration steps range from the management of applications for places of study to course and examination administration to the issuance of certificates. It provides, furthermore, technical solutions for related areas such as e-learning, evaluation or accreditation.

Campus Management is responsible for the operation, administration and further development of the IT systems required to support these (administrative) processes. Thus guiding all relevant coordination and decision-making processes from the outset, and ensuring the technical feasibility of the decisions taken and facilitating the planning of necessary resources.

Campus Management supports the systems’ users and offers training courses and supporting material (user guides, etc). Decision-making processes within the university are supported by various types of evaluations and statistics.


  • HIS Systems
  • myStudy
  • Moodle
  • Evasys


HIS Systems

HIS GmbH’s systems support various studies-related processes at Leuphana, as at many other German universities. The Campus Management Section operates and configures these systems and supports students and staff at the relevant faculties in their use.

  • HIS ZUL: Applications and admissions to studies at Leuphana
  • HIS SOS: Students management
  • HIS POS. Examinations management
  • HIS QIS: Self-service functions for staff and students


myStudy is an internet-based service supporting studies and teaching at Leuphana University. The Computing and Media Centre operates this system, which it has developed as early as 2001. The system reproduces the university's course catalogue and offers numerous services, which students and teachers can no longer imagine doing without in their everyday life:

Information functions:

  • search and navigation in the course offerings
  • detailed information for each class
  • publication of seminar schedules
  • links to the websites of current lectures
  • individualised student timetables
  • teaching staff list
  • consulting hours
  • semester-relevant information
  • detailed module descriptions
  • module handbooks
  • floor plans and room occupancy calendar
  • Links for students (AStA /Students Union/, Bafög-Amt /Students Loans Office/, Faculty-based students society, etc)

Organisation and scheduling functions:

  • role- and rights-based mapping of the whole workflow: from the recording and planning of course offerings to publication, online use and data archiving
  • various registration procedures for courses (listing procedure, lottery procedure, cluster procedure)
  • administration of consultation hours

Communication functions:

  • forums where members of one course communicate with one another
  • forums for communicating across courses
  • current messages from lecturers to students
  • seminar-specific e-mail lists
  • e-mail lists for a course of study
  • topic-specific newsletters
  • personalised RSS feeds

Distribution functions:

  • up- and downloading function for materials for students and lecturers
  • PDF exports of seminar schedules
  • PDF export of the course catalogue
  • ICS subscriptions for timetables, room plans and consulting hours


  • connection to the student lecturer evaluation system (evasys)
  • connection to the Moodle e-learning system
  • SOAP-based web services for additional online services
  • HIS POS interfaces with examinations administration

You will find further information on myStudy on the myStudy-Portal itself.


With the Moodle learning management system, the Campus Management Section is putting a teaching and learning platform that supports not only the organisation of courses and projects, but also the communication among participants, as well as learning itself at the disposal of the University's lecturers and students. Thus, in Moodle classrooms are ready for courses and projects, whose elements can be used in courses.

Employees and teachers of Leuphana are cordially invited to test and use Moodle. The Campus Management Section will be happy to set up a (test) course for this purpose. In addition, the Campus Management Section also offers personal advice to support lecturers in designing courses and integrating e-learning content into a didactically useful learning scenario.


EvaSys is a web-based software for the automatic evaluation of questionnaires in the context of the quality management of educational institutions. In addition, the system carries out paper-based, web-based and hybrid surveys as well as multimodal surveys, incorporating the whole process from the questionnaires’ design to the mass control of survey procedures.

At Leuphana, the system is mainly used for student research projects and surveys and occasionally in teaching.